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Susan Mannheimer, George Floyd, Oakland discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


On foot and vehicles monitored the scene police chief Susan Mannheimer expressed in a statement condolences to George Floyd and his family adding they stand with the community in denouncing all incidents of police brutality in Oakland's carried a sack KCBS San Franciscans can expect hair salons gyms bars other businesses to reopen at various times throughout the summer however as KCBS is Melissa call Ross reports the city also is asking a lot of you to continue staying home if you can San Francisco state home order has been extended indefinitely but at the same time businesses in the city will be re opening according to a new timeline released by mayor London breed the mayor says for example that these businesses should be able to reopen it in mid July indoor dining with modifications hair salons and barber shops and I know everybody is excited about that one real estate open houses by appointment only other businesses such as summer camps most indoor retail and outdoor museums will be able to open next month and the city should see the re opening of bars gyms an indoor museums by mid August free does say this timeline is subject to change depending on the data around testing and city cases of covert nineteen but for now this is to provide everyone with a guide as to what we are looking at and if the numbers continue the way they are we will hopefully get to a point where these businesses can open you can find a full list of business re opening dates at our website KCBS radio dot com Melissa call Ross KCBS bart is examining ridership data on a daily basis and is seeing the change in travel habits as the bay area begins to re open KCBS is Margie Shafer reports an app is being developed to allow riders to pick the least crowded trains the data collected by bart is saying something about the people who work in the bay area and live near bart stations for example a range at present hill walnut creek huge to Robson ridership that shows us folks that live around those stations have the choice to work from home analysts to trust with bart says well the top four busiest stations remain in downtown San Francisco Fruitvale in Oakland now takes the fifth spot telling transit planners that a lot of essential workers.

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