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Slash AH. And listen knickers is great. But for sheer bulk dozer is greater noser is a steer in Steinbach Manitoba. He lives on an animal sanctuary owned and operated by Karl shown rock, we reach Mr. shown rock in Steinbeck. Carl doesn't seem possible that does our could beat out knickers having the largest. Steer. How big is. He how big is dozer at first we thought he was only just over probably six three because when we got him a few months ago, we were told the measured a couple years ago. He was six three and yesterday when some of these other media came down, we'd thought what the heck let's bring up the tape measure because we just hadn't thought of it before. And he was six five we were kind of blown away nothing superficial like Guinness official. But that's what we got. So is that indicate that does our is still a growing. Boy. Yes. Yeah. He's only six years old. So yeah, he's still Girling. Is that alarming to learn? It was actually it was kind of Louis away a little bit. We're like, oh really that big. But we were kind of fucked. Okay. This we got this desisted on knickers. And it does seem that you're dozer is well just a few centimeters taller, but nNcholas is six foot four inches. And so you're saying that does is six five right? Yeah. He was just a little over. But you know, he wasn't on the ground. I don't mind hearing a limelight. And even if he's six four wheel Fe, and we'll we'll match and that sound found grade to you gotta admit though, when you look at that photo of knickers, he's extrordinary I'm use their towering over this heard from cows. When did when you saw that phone it went to think, oh, I was blown away. I I I thought it was Photoshop, but then looking closely growing up on a very far all my life. I look. Okay. This cows, aren't you know, older more mature full-sized cows? They look a little bit younger. So then I was like, okay. That could be true. And is does tower over your other cows? Oh by far. Yeah. Do they go and serve? No, actually, quite gentle giant we have a couple of horses in the same with them, and they kind of pushed him around a little bit. And he allows it. He's just that type of guy that he's very very called. Because knickers is apparently a bit of a handful. Oh, yeah. Note our dozer, and that's due to his his, mama. Rebecca, she is the one that actually saved them from a beef, Arman, El Berta, and she is only five four five five and thought him when he was very young. So she towered above him. And then now there have rivers and he just really shines fair. We have to point out the Rebecca's not a cow. The woman who don't. Yeah. Sorry. I say mom because my wife likes to call her. Mike. Okay. But does that mean that those are was destined to become hamburger than yes? And how did she end up saving him? And she I guess knew the owners, and she would all go out into the pastor to to read and just relax the animals, and those are the one that burned befriend in her. So she started coming friendly with them and visiting him over and over and and pet on the never else, and he is just your home since then what did you think when she showed up nasty to take over the care of dozer? I I was super excited I grew up on dairy farm. So having a whole theme steer that is just a giant. I would super excited..

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