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Twenty twenty study just using a different mathematical analysis method different method for crunching the numbers. And they didn't find the same strong indications for the presence of phosphine now these differences could be because the initial study mistaken or there could be other reasons for example in the one where they look at the archival data and don't find the same thing well they could be that maybe there are cycles in which the presence of phosphine gas spikes at certain times and certain places in history on venus. So from what i've been reading now it's not as simple as yes. There is phosphine or no there is not it. Looks like at this point. It remains a complicated unsettled question and we need more research. So what would be really great would just be like you know. Go to venus unsettled. This whole thing absolutely in and of course there. There are two ways of considering that one of course is send more missions to venus and of course there are a number of those either planned or and sort of a plea pre planning pre approval phase and then of course there's the the ultimate dream right the idea of of sending human explorers to venus Perhaps even as a first human venture to another world and it's just impossible not to be excited by.

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