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The way out here mrs only our emergency response people this is a small rural town firehouses all volunteer that's why no one was here when burglars got in tight knit community around here good people bummed here something like that i mean that's just horrible fire stations of this grays harbor county fire district are letting the brady volunteers borrow some of what's missing so they can still go out on fire and aid calls but they say this hurts come to the local fire departments and steel out of a primarily volunteer staff stations kind of poor taste is also a costly twenty thousand dollars to replace the items but they're hoping a fifteen hundred dollar reward will kick loose some chips and solve this keith eldridge komo news seattle mariners have agreed to a twenty five year lease at safeco field the deal with the public facilities district will spend at least one hundred and eighty million dollars in public money to maintain and upgrade the stadium county councilman dave up the grove opposes the deal arguing the money could be better spent elsewhere but the mariners love the deal saying safeco field should be to seattle would wrigley field is chicago and fenway park is to boston but the extensions the deal runs through twenty forty nine komo news time nine of forty and right now mariners it's the top of the ninth mariners still ahead of the oakland a's one to nothing in the playoffs the final night boston ninetysix cleveland eightythree national hockey league playoff washington four and tampa bay nothing with more sports tom glasgow has news from the nba the clippers coach doc rivers have agreed to a contract extension the team announcing the deal today without revealing the specific terms rivers was set to enter the final year of his fiveyear contract next season fifty six years of age he has a two hundred and fifty nine one hundred and fifty one record in five years with the clippers forty niners ceo jed york speaking with reporters after the league announced a new rule that requires all players on the field during the national anthem to stand instead of kneeling york and the forty niners abstained from the vote the only team to do so i've said that you know we abstained from the vote saw the teams have voted for it voted in the.

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