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So own marketing team come up with that. Nineteen fifties helicopter photo. Or i think you're a fucking liar talking about which which kind of speaks to light the rambling energy of his blogs. This thing just saying anything. He's just says anything that comes out of his mouth and keep the straight base talking. Isn't it you just want to hear your voice. Don't you motherfucker right. This is one of those people that you can have a conversation with them for hours walkaway knowing nothing about no idea what you were talking about. Yes those people were like. They'll say things and you're just i hear the words i get how they get put together but they're just not come. The output is just not the input. I get the output. I'm not. I used to know a guy like this. I won't say his name. But i dated him. He was beautiful but he was insane. And i would have conversations with him and he'd be talking about businesses starting or other shades. And i realize like the whole time he was like real fine. I'll just And i will leave. I'll be like what did we talk about. Yeah just fucking confuse you. And i have a mutual friend. I won't say their name on air. I'll tell you after that that's like this like every time i talked to this person. I'm just like what. what are they saying. Don't understand. And i'm fucking pretty smart bitch like hey us. All my context clues trying. I'm getting on my chart. You remember when he was in a writing class fifth sixth grade and they give you the chart like would it make character. The the beginning middle and end and apply wasn't doing a diagram trying to make sense of it right. Yeah so the persona of simon maclaurin was apparently entertaining enough exercise to be worth one last bout of drama before his departure as blade announced its merger with a special purpose acquisition company in january. It realized there might be more at stake than it's faceless. Spokesperson would be able to handle. Blade staged a dramatic announcement shortly after stating that simon would be leaving the company and taking his newsletter on with him in part because he no longer could abide by blade editing his views. Oh my god this has nothing to do with helicopters simon. I don't even.

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