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Winning needed against A. Bench now including garbrandt talking about Sean o'malley, who's like top five former champion anytime? James starts talking about you is important. Now there people trying to fancy match make that fight, which doesn't make sense, either but the fact that they want that fight is important and then Sugar Sean, just saying all the right things after and then doing what the podcast rounds, and all the major all the major podcasts mavericks after so in terms of the fans I would probably say sugar sean in my mind. Kristin who stock rose the most over this month month and change in Las Vegas. I think I'd give it to Dan. Hooker, even in a loss like I. Don't think that he looked completely terrible. I think a lot of people. Heading into this fight were kind of discrediting him because he was taking on someone like Dustin. Quarry which granted that is a big task for someone like Dan Hooker to take gone, but it's not like he hasn't been beating some good names at lightweight so I think that his stock overall did rise. He looked great at look like you said earlier, it looked like he could have stopped us in area, and I think just engaging I know. He said that he was going to get marked by doesn't work, but even he. He had to admit that. Hey, he deserves a seat at the light weight table. He's definitely gonNA. Be a contender so I think that the next time that we see Dan Hooker it's going to be completely different. I think he's GonNa look like a better fighter over also as far as the stock goes I think it's Dan Hooker I mean he still has the city kickboxing team behind him. I'm pretty sure if he gets another win, he'll burst into title contention again. I'm pretty sure so. Dan Hooker man I feel for him in a loss, but I think it doesn't do too much to to kind of get him out of the top ranks of the lightweight division. Yeah those are all those are all good ones like John Goodwin Gila Burns. Obviously a good one because you know he goes in dominates Woodley comes the number one contender and a loaded division now he's GonNa. Fight for a world title and less than two weeks in a main event against Kamara who's been and I, I look at these things from a different perspective, because I interview fighters all the time and. People reach out and they're like when you know. What are you talking to this guy when you talking to this guy and I think based on his interview, heading into the fight and what we've seen afterwards. I think worthy took a giant step for like because when you interview guy like Coal Kobe, Covington of course like fans want him on every week either to listen to what. What he has to say or just so they could throw shade at him, but over the last couple of weeks. I've had so many people ask me like when Kamo or these. Coming back on and truth be told just interviewed him before I came on this, and it is outstanding, so you'll see that on what the heck, but who's taken one step closer to the beach. Title. That's the real question right now and that person. is going to be. The man with the best mustache immediate Jose. Young's takes a two to one lead, and I can do this for another ten rounds. Cause such a fun match up well, let's head to the final question of regulation, perhaps the final question of the game unless Kristen King can come through here. The UFC is heading to fight island. UFC Two fifty, one going down July eleventh little less than two weeks and right now there's going to be subsequent events in the Fifteenth Eighteenth and the twenty fifth. Every card has. Has a lot of good matchups. There's four title fights and toll on the island. There's a lot of quote. Unquote. Next step matchups lot of solid prospects, lot of the international flavor that we've been missing, but Jose let me start with you. Of course to fifty one has three title fights a huge event. The other headliners, the other rijkaard's a great to a lot of really really good fight, so in your opinion, and you can basis on whatever criteria you choose because there are no wrong answers here. What is the most fascinating fight island matchup? That's set to go down over the next few weeks. fascinating. Like fat, that's tough. 'cause I'm most excited for. It, but I'm super interested in Peter Yonkers Josie Aldo. But I'd say I'd say that one personally for me I know everyone doesn't want that fight but I. think that's why I'm to answer this question. Specifically, that is why I'm so fascinated by this one because people don't want Joe Sales. Have this fight, so I'm interested to see how he. Looks and Our Own Darin Martin is like looking at the rankings and he's. Can someone tell me why Peter is like number to use? Only be Jimmy Rivera in the top ten or something. Something like that, and it's coming over your favorite so I think Peter deserves this fight, but. Given the fact that album owned one and then people are. There's a S-. People are now arguing that Peter Yod doesn't even deserve his ranking spot. I am interested in how they look against each other I'm always interested in watchos album fight. I mean I'm very interested in how it looks at one thirty five. Championship wait so. I get. People don't want that fight and I. Get people hate it and there's I. gave it. Instead of Aldo after his win all power to them, I get why they made this fight, but in terms of to answer the question, what am I most interested in watching? It's John Zelda but the one. I'm most excited for is who's been burns. Chris! What do you think what's that fight that you just got circled on your your file and calendar that you just can't wait to watch. For me, it's going to be page vans and versus a Ribas I think that there are so many different storylines are about to play out with this fight. You have a mandatory bus who is three and in the division? Since she came, she's absolutely perfect. In the in the UFC her biggest win was the Mackenzie dern fight and I don't think a lot of people expected her to go out there and dominate Mackenzie. Dern in the way that she did especially when it came to the standing, a lot of people were surprised by that, and she's been calling for this by She's been wanting page bands and for the longest. Longest time out onto that that she has like one of the most infectious personalities that I think I've ever see in a UFC fighter. She is literally one of the happiest people so I'm sure she's happy to have this moment against page vans, and now we can go over to her. Which is completely different story? You guys remember page vans. Aunt was like all the rage back in twenty, fifteen, twenty, sixteen. She was headlining cards with with another blonde hair blue by killer and sage north cut those two are like touted as the future of the UFC a now lecomte far we've come from. It's completely different. Patriots has been. been talking about her pay, she's been talking about testing free agency finding out her worth. We haven't seen her in a little over a year. Now I think the last performance was Rachel Ostrich by back in UFC Berkley and so we don't know what page bands aunt. We're GONNA. Get is the last night on her UFC contract. I'm sure she's open to exploring different options. Including from Ballatore, which would make the absolute most sense considering that her husband is already there so I mean there are a lot of different ways that this fight could play out, and this is almost like a changing of the guard. You have this new standout. Standout in Amanda Rivas on the old girl that we used to pay so much attention to and who used to be the biggest and brightest star. The UFC was planning out there. It's completely different, so if a matter of gets a win over page, man's aunt..

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