Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Baltimore City, President Obama Houlihan Castro discussed on Morning Show with Sean and Frank


Frank liberal, the WCBS Maryland news center with the news at seven thirty one BWI airport expects, minimal if any problems for passengers since the security, checkpoint close because of staffing issues due to the federal government shutdown. One of the three checkpoints was closed Saturday until further notice due to excessive. Call outs by TSA agents record show. Baltimore City has not performed routine inspections of retaining walls along a rail corridor and had failed twice in the past five years documents show. The city has conducted just one inspection after plotting to do recurring inspections a week after the two thousand fourteen collapsed that sent chunks of roadway and cars onto a j. Jason train tracks after heavy rains the next presidential inauguration is two years away and Democrats are already ramping up for the twenty twenty presidential race. Fox's David spont- as more in the race Senator Kirsten gillibrand from New York and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts also on the list, former HUD secretary under President Obama Houlihan Castro and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard several candidates have stopped in Iowa for campaign appearances gillibrand was in Iowa this weekend for the women's March in several meet and greets. She just announced her intentions earlier this week and said this morning, she's uniquely qualified for the presidency in Washington, David spot, Fox.

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