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Felony what happens as we are getting near summer and that all of the animals that are down protected now go up higher what if it starts all over again and they start disappearing i think the chances of it happening at this level again or slim given the attention that's being paid to the problem this and louis valley fire everybody there now george ever since the summer of nineteen sixty seven and that bloodless mutilation of the appaloosas mayor lading your alamosa in the san luis valley many residents have seen strange lights rapidly moving aerial vehicles in the skies days and nights this is really gone on off and on sort of a kind of strange cycle around livestock in the san luis valley and their when i when you go or you or the audience go to earth files dot com and you see the big indepth report that i have done with this half hour you will be looking at those rare newspaper articles that i have kept all these years going back to when the pueblo chieftain and other newspapers were reporting in september of about september of sixty seven in their early october newspapers then dead horse riddle sparks ufo buffs amazing headline was horse killed ufo blamed that was in salem oregon statesman those are just two of hundreds this that story went around the world that was the very first time that there was global public awareness and media reporting about the bloodless track lewis animal mutilations well that's why this is of great interest to me now is that in the san luis valley where it has going all the way back to the sixties and some people say even back further there have been unusual phenomena when he laughed when i brought up unusual phenomena that's because everybody who lives there now is that it has this history but why and is there any proof any connection between the current round of three hundred plus animals that have been missing just since the late summer into the fall is there any linked to the mutilation phenomena and the brand commissioner and other law enforcement.

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