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E Sports network is looking for new sponsors. I think you've heard this group before but if you work for a company looking to expand its reach into Esports Esports name is opportunities across digital media podcasting and video programs. Please reach out to e-sports network CEO Mark Kimmitt using the email in the bio of this show now into the episode ten years a hell of a long time and he sports that's the length of time League of Legends has existed only a handful of these Sports organizations have roots that far back which is why the renewal of the Alienware and Team Liquid Partnerships. It's in very unique home territory. The two Brands been working together for ten straight years liquid is one of the oldest e Sports organizations that exist in the West after being created in the year two-thousand with a focus on Starcraft dead. And the renewal of this partnership isn't a shock to anyone that's not reporting here liquid is Brandon both of its facilities with alien worse name and the two brands are clearly locked into a mutually beneficial relationship. But it highlights a sports is growing some really strong roots with more growth on the horizon. These are Major Brands and they aren't going anywhere at this point actual e sports games will come and go the organizations are they need to be flexible and they're going to continue evolving alongside gaming culture when it comes to some of these long-term relationships. There are a few that stand out G Fuel and FaZe Clan are one is they're coming up on nine acres of their partnership. Another one is Evil Geniuses and Monster Energy, they'll celebrate their tenth year anniversary in April of this year. I asked Twitter four more examples of Partnerships of this length and dexterity was Adam Fitch point out the longest-running of all brand Partnerships at least in the west, which is Intel and e s l the two Giants been working together on events. Like I am for 18 years now. United's director of marketing was the one who pointed out EG and Monster Energy and even highlighted a tweet in 2011, which gave it a clear start date. You might notice I fit in in the west a few times in this show and that's because of these Sports organizations in Asia are often started by companies themselves, and I wasn't really sure how to qualify that some like KT rolster which is tied to a Korean Telecom company have basically been a sponsored partner for twenty-three years now after being founded in nineteen, ninety seven another good example would be South Korea Telecom as Katie as it's come to be known. The organization has a branded the T1 Sports entertainment. But SKT, the company is still a partner of the Esports organization. So it gets a little muddied Waters when we look at some of the teams in Asia just because they're foul companies themselves. So does that count? I don't know it's a toss-up, but it's worth mentioning of course and really the reason I wanted to highlight these long-running Partnerships is cuz it's truly an incredible achievement and hopefully we see more and more FAQ. Full band Partnerships pop up in this space that will drive investment and revenue to Esports organization as well as creating just really classic brand Partnerships that people come to know and life Sports has a lot of these especially soccer where you have a bunch of Premier League clubs that have had similar brand names on their jerseys for very long periods of time. It's all for some sort of the Esports minute. There's a new episode of The Gamer hour tonight at 9 Eastern 6 Pacific time. They'll.

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