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A mcdonald's restaurant in tampa's historic e bore city detectives questioned donaldson and arrested him out tuesday night toyota police chief brian dugan said while tales few the arrest as a relief to a neighborhood that's been on edge since the first murder happened in early october as been gene days that they've been tagged in their neighborhood and it is about lending these families now that we're going to bring this person to justice and letting this neighborhood get some rest and hopefully try and put their lives back together police received some five thousand tips about the shootings the victims did not know each other for npr news i'm marie sheddan in tampa tunisian officials have reopened a volley airport it had closed due to ash from an erupting volcano this is npr the senate budget committee has narrowed passed a republicanbacked tax overhaul package the vote was twelve to eleven republicans who had criticised the bill voted for it in the committee it now moves into the full house gop leaders aren't certain if they have all the senate votes needed to said canada's our police force the royal canadian mounted police so it will raise any data on religious or cultural practices collected for muslim refugees who crossed into quebec from the us as dan carbon check reported odd formation had been collected using a questionnaire target moslems the move comes in the wake of the story by the toronto star newspaper the showcase the rcmp of questioning royal canadian mounted police have now struck that line of questioning now the information including any audio files will be sealed for two years in keeping with pride this legislation and will.

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