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Just governor union are here. They've teamed up just tell me about Elliot's fine created the show gab shit. How you describe? It is a action packed show with sexy awesome. Checks who are grown and partnered up in L A. We are detectives we are keeping the streets safe. Yeah. And we are also trying to figure out our partnership and navigate through our own sorted pass. Right. So gab. How did this come about because they know to spin off of a character of yours from beverly's too? I mean luckily, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it. We have no idea where said came from, she just appears in bad boys to know that she's Marcus sister, and she works for the so it left a lot of room to kind of spin out this character into her own universe still, giving you that bad boy, Jerry bruckheimer explosions, and funny and sexy. But we have our own separate mythology and we get to play in and around LA. So you go in to the power that is Jerry. Bruckheimer. And you say tear, we should really elaborate on said. Yeah, let's do this Jerry, Jerry. And Pat Riley are very, very close friends. So I've been seeing, you know basketball coach, Pat Riley. The Lakers and, and now he's head honcho at, at the Miami Heat him and Jerry bruckheimer been friends forever. So I'd see Jerry. I'd let them, you know, maybe have a cocktail or two and I'm like. He just said, yes, he jumped at the chance, check it out. At least Monday nights. It's only on spectrum, and on demand. Thanks for coming on governor union just Alba..

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