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And all we have left is a little girl from cherry hill we have little truth fica potty but the cheese from cherry hill she outlasted more than two hundred other students and she is in the final season elevenyearold six greater at rosa international middle school in cherry hill it's our second straight appearance in the beef finals she correctly spelled the word defibrillator a machine that delivers and electric shock to keep a heart beating you know that is right in the second round remained competition die love when the uh the give you the word of police mel the word defibrillator and the kid gets on their resort thought the fabra leader defibrillator can you which the origin of the word can use it in a sentence and then you see the naturally writing their hand start like spelling it out like fake in their hand and and she nailed it defibrillator she remains the only new jersey these student who was in the spellingbee finals ovhly she can can can closed the oldest time around uh some of the other a students who were there on mauled bochica she's twelve from green brook a six reiter a green brooke middle school uh spell the word stevia that's the fake sweetener she got that one right alexandria cure elino from egg harbor township of the word complicit got it right to nee none dawn 10yearold from short hill's fourth greater their spell the word liquefaction i would never get that one out christopher cerro eleven year old from white house station fifthgrader at the hamann brooke school in white house station spelling the word the a policeman as in the pastry or the ice cream not the not the dictator but a good luck to this girl.

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