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Focused on crime prevention and intervention including the neighborhood crisis response the violent crime review group and the care coalition to address the trauma that families and neighborhoods experience because of violent crime meanwhile the owner of Christie's pizza in Lancaster is praising his own store managers actions during a hostage situation that happened at the restaurant over the weekend Jeff Craig Los spoke about the attack which happened on Saturday morning during what was thought to be a robbery and then turned out to be more serious when the suspect held a knife to the manager's throat Greg Lowe says there's no training for that situation or protocol in place but the manager correctly held the man's attention while all the rest of the employees were able to safely escape the suspect later identified as Troy Kirk refused to risa render to police and was shot and killed the Ohio be of investigation is now in charge of that case it is happened once again another massive data breach more than two point four million wise customers are affected according to cyber security firm twelve security wise is a security camera start up company and says an employee error is to blame the co founder adding no passwords or financial data were exposed what was exposed user names and email addresses wifi network games lists of camera names and for about one hundred forty beta users personal health information along with height weight and gender wise says the user information was left unprotected from December fourth to December twenty sixth after an employee copied it data into a new database and a collected to carry over the security protocols and Kerik fox news there is a mystery unfolding in Colorado and squadrons of drones are flying of a remote farm land nobody seems to know who's flying number what they're doing squadrons of anywhere from six to thirty drones flying at night over remote areas of Colorado Lincoln County sheriff Tom dancer heard from a rancher who saw drones flying in a grid pattern above his lan I thought maybe people were taking criminal activity high tech by stocking out properties thrones are normally allowed to fly at night the FAA says nobody applied for a night time flight waiver for Colorado counties have now reported mysterious thrown squadrons flying at night Alex stone ABC news don't think you can just sleep it off police are asking you to not drink and drive but they say they're warning may last longer than you think driving hung over can be just as dangerous as driving after a few drinks according to triple a the fatigue and weakness headaches lack of sleep increased sensitivity to light and sound are all annoyances when somebody's recovering from heavy drinking but they are also considered dangerous for anyone behind the wheel after a night of drinking triple a says many people will wake up with alcohol still in their blood or just tired and disoriented I'm Matt Rees meanwhile you're reminded the city of Dublin.

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