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We are going to phone scam. Connor about pain bills spike. Why do we have someone on. Hold on the The hotline her. All right mojo. Follow along with me here because we have help with this phone scam in fact. Caitlin is in her basement right now caitlin anderson. You just got married and moved into your first house. Yeah we're nilly and he's getting mad at you because the bills aren't always paid on time. You're little forgetful or easter. So i ask caitlyn to go down in her basement because she's going to help us phone scam her husband. Connor and are you standing next to your circuit breaker. Okay i'm gonna put you on hold. You can hear the phone call when you hear me. Say to him okay. I'm gonna turn the lights off. Now that's what. I want you to flip the power switch and turn off the lights okay. There's a bunch of switches are they all labeled on the circuit breaker okay. We're going to have fun. We're gonna flip. Switches all the switches. We're going to go off. we're going to go on. We're gonna do it a few times and test his temper. Okay perfect we will. We will scam you. Sorry it's a catchy song. Is your home of phones games mojo the morning. Hello hello. I'm calling for connor or caitlyn. Please mrs conner hi conner. This is phil from e energy company. I'm calling regarding your account. And if i can just confirm that i do have the proper person on the phone i'm calling. Can you please tell me your dress. So i know that we're calling into right person. Walk one okay. That is you great. I'm calling regarding your account. I see this as a new service. You moved into a new home. I guess we have not received payment for four months. We sent multiple notices and it's been pending for some time. Now my wife is that caitlyn have to ask i. I do have to ask its policy. Do you have any financial issues that would prohibit you from paying your bill. That's on the mic today. I mean she it's the first time homeowners and it's her first. I'd having all these story. You know how this works. We can't let this go for this many months. I probably she didn't stay with that. It'll be paying well. We've called multiple times in. I don't know what they were told before but this is now. I'm looking at the computer. Here there's been a record of calls messages left in my caused inform you. We may have to cut off your service Let me handle. I don't do anything. I still today. Just my wife. You know people like you. Have the meter whizzing around a record speed and don't feel the need to pay your bill that causes other people's bills to go up so that's the around the village not pay. She's she gets forgetful and just one month versus and that's why we've had to call six separate times. I understand that but let me let me tell you that i i. It seems like you guys don't understand. Some people understand one thing. I'm going to have to turn off your power. Oh i can do that. It's all computerized. So i'm just gonna deactivate your account do that. I probably have the payment right now. I promise you. I can watch this in your living room watching a turn your living room of right now. I've got to pay the bill that alpay. I really want to argue more. I'll turn off your whole kitchen here. You go goes fridge lights by by you want to pay or do you want to keep arguing. Oh you're gonna call me now okay. Well let's you're gonna have a cold shower tonight. I'm gonna shut off your hot water tank. Now here we go. Well go ahead argue with me. Some more i'll do the whole second floor. okay cry. How are you gonna pay credit card debit card. Right you over the phone. I say you're sorry and i'll turn it back on. Say you're sorry for communist. I am sorry that i called you. What's that louder. i couldn't hear you. I'm sorry i called you okay. That's better now. I need payment immediately. Plus a fifty dollar tip for my inconvenience. I'll give you my venlo or pay pal. I got fifty dollars personally. Yup or are you arguing again. All right power off again. Get fired for this. I cannot believe believe that you're sitting in the dark again. Aren't you made you understand who you're talking to right now. I've got all i'm saying. Maybe you don't understand you're talking to this is spike from the mojo in the morning. Show you just been phone scare off you. How'd you our caitlyn's downstairs in your basement listening to this call and flipping switches on your circuit breaker. One second just been scam. Sorry about that. We're expected in hell your home of the world famous phone scams in the morning..

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