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So my parents were alive in the 60s and 70s as children and teenagers and there's something really special about what books like this can do for a generation when they've never seen themselves in on TV or in media. And so for that, I'm grateful because my dad, he was an artist and he also studied anthropology and went to Rutgers university to get his master's in anthropology like Jolie porn. And so I think there was, you know, I think there was my parents, they really did enjoy reading this book. And for me, you know, because the books were always around, you know, I had a thumb through them, read them, and as a kid and didn't really understand that it was written by a non native LA became a teenager a radical punk rock teenager became anti everything. And so, you know, when I got older, I wasn't a fan, you know, to be honest, I grew up as I would say as a fan, but then when I got older, I think there was just some underlying anger and resentment of how could this non native be writing about us? And then as you get older, you know, you look back and how much things have influenced you and it inspired you and I think at this moment in time, it's like, you know, I sometimes just don't know how I feel. About, you know, when it comes to non natives writing about natives or making movies about natives. So on and so forth. And so I would say, you know, I'm thankful I'm thankful that these books existed because I wouldn't exist without them, you know? Okay. Yeah. Well, we're going to have to take a break here and just a short moment, but I want to talk a little bit more about that. Tony hillerman, that legacy and he's definitely a polarizing figure. Amongst native people, as you say, and we'll talk more about that. Anybody with a question or comment, give us a call, one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. We're talking about the new AMC series dark wind and we have talent here from the show. And we're learning all about this really exciting production that premieres this Sunday. So give us a call. We'll be back right after.

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