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As soon as you start removing glucose in the moving growth factors and jeff one etc and adding antigrowth factors now the cancer cells are going to have a problem and that's what we see that's why we see the fasting fasting mimicking diet being effective is chemo but particularly we city is working together and that's where the sun comes in right the sun is the chemo and so you know you have no water and you have the sun hitting you you're going to be dead it's just a matter of time right it's amazing how that's worked out that it has the desired effect on the cancer cells which is to hopefully make them go away and at the same time strengthening the healthy cells in may have now worth out and might be volved right and so we're starting to suspect that think about sleep right so you sleep and sleep is now there by by mistake right is is is forcing you to rest for our many hours so we're starting to think is a possible that because all these organisms mostly stayed east bacteria mostly they stay starvation mode once in awhile this that eating right humans were not in that situation but fasting was probably so common they you didn't have to force anybody to do it because they were forced by the conditions right so then what if fasting was the moment where the precancerous cells were getting killed and and the now you use it to protect your cells in their moment of starvation from the sun from whatever other problems and toxins you might be exposed to so it may very well be adopted process where you're starving protect your your good salads and protect your jeans and then get rid of sales that are not functioning anymore also eat him yeah in the same way that that exercise is good for you.

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