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When he's gotten opportunities in real NFL games has missed him. And yet here in training camp, he'd looks like the better quarterback it. It feels like last year all over again. Even though Rivero Gua wasn't the guy won the job Lester now you don't got to watch out for his Cairo. Santos who just got cut by the jets. He's finally healthy, couldn't kick all preseason. He's always been solid. He somebody would everybody's gonna get nervous about bringing guys in, but Santos. I mean, how many games did you watch him in Kansas City? He's five or five and field goals today. Oh, he's four for four Cairo. Santos could be the big difference. Then okra sim said, Myles Garrett, defensive player of the year, Joey Bosa, Joey Bosa, and those tiny baby shoulder pads that he wears the fence player of the year. He is becoming an absolute monster in the National Football League. I love Joey Bosa, but speaking of the NFL if you like the NFL and you like beer and you like beer, that doesn't cost a lot of money. Well, do we have a fun story? You're like checking boxes in the NFL. Do you like beer shack? Do you like beer that's less expensive than it should be check, check. Anything else? Do you like craft beer view? Like craft, check, check, check. Do you like craft beer that is cheaper than even domestic beer? So check we have that story coming. Is that enough? It enough how the checks out checks that sex? That's next right here on FOX. Here's some useful tips. You might not be aware of coffee filter and a little bit of olive oil cleaned the interior riccar. Moving excess weight from your car will improve gas mileage da. And you could place your key fob to your chin to increase its range. Weird, right? But here's another tip you might not know about truecar also helps people get used cars..

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