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Here on the gsm. See fantasy football podcast for the second segment of today's show. We're going to do a schedule. Outlook of the pittsburgh steelers and talk about the favorable and unfavorable matchups on their schedule. So let's get right into that. So the pittsburgh steelers opened up the season against the buffalo bills in buffalo and these two teams did meet last year. Buffalo won that game. Twenty six to fifteen the steelers offense did not play well in this game. Ben rothlisberger struggled in this game. I believe through pick six in this game. The steelers just that was the beginning of the end for the steelers They just had a very bad stretch of games and that was one of them. So now going into this season you know. They're opening up the season. They're going to be healthy this time around in buffalo. They were very banged up the last time. These two teams met. They didn't really have a running game during this During the game that they played together last year with buffalo so now they got nauseous harris in addition In the running game. So that's definitely going to help them. So looking at this matchup. I definitely do think that the steelers you know depending on how the bills defense is because the bills defense you teams can move the ball against them. It's just you know the steelers a lot of question more offensive line and you know if they're going to be able to block. I said the other day. That ben looked good in the preseason game against the lions so i think that that definitely adds a positive to that and you know what it is early in the season game like. I think i mentioned it on the last show or one of the previous shows that i think ben early on in the season can do well put a good solid fancy numbers good numbers in general but then towards the end of the season you know the more time he gets hit the wheels are gonna fall off and he's not going to produce like he would early on the season. I feel like there's going to be a wear and tear. Would ben season. Because i don't really know what to expect from the offensive line. I really don't. I think if the offensive wine does well and it holds up for ben. He's protected. I think the steelers can hang with the bills and put up a better fight because they have the bill They have their defense of course I do think that you probably look for other options that we just because of how explosive the bills offenses when it comes to the steelers defense but you can still start the steelers defense because the steelers defense is going to be healthy. Start the season. So i think that they will do. Well the one thing i worry about. I think they'll put pressure on josh allen. I think they'll get to him. You know and get some saxon. The game but i feel like the one thing that i worry about is the secondary and how they're gonna hold up against stefan digs and those receivers but back to the steelers offense. I feel like nausea could do okay in game. I think he'll he'll have a decent game. I don't expect them to go off immediately. I think he's still gotta get acclimated to the speed of play But i definitely could see you know one of the receivers doing okay here. We don't really know the status of clay pool. I know that you know he got banged up. You know one of the preseason games. And i don't think he's come back yet. I expect him to be ready for week. One if he's not look for guys like deontay. Johnson and juju is on a bigger role in that game. And maybe the tight ends do. Okay here. i think ben will probably have like a mediocre game. Maybe have like one or two touchdowns in this game. But i don't expect him to go off either. I think the steelers again. Because of the defense. I think they can hang around with the bills And you know it could be a close game so i don't really expect anybody to go off in this game. I think it's going to be a little bit of a tough match-up for the steelers. It isn't early season game. If this was later on the season. I think i'd be a little bit negative with the steelers performance You know how they were doing the game but because it's early on in the season. I think that they will do okay but i still think it's gonna be a tough match up so i don't really expect anybody from the shows. Go off in this game. But i do expect them to put up some points against the bills and even if they fall behind you know by allied and they're playing the bills defense playing prevent. Then you know you get some points out of that so yeah. That's my thoughts on the week. One matchup with the bill so moving onto week number. Two the raiders. Come to town to take on the steelers. I think this is a favorable matchup for the steelers offensively. I think this is a game that the steelers offense gets going and has a solid performance. Because i just don't believe in the raiders defense. I think that ben will have a good game here. I think the receivers do well. I think nike has his breakout performance in this game. Because i just don't trust the raiders defense and their defense that is looking for linebackers. They brought in some linebackers in for visit. They traded for denzel perryman to help out the linebacking core. I just really. Don't trust the raiders defense. So yeah i think the steelers have solid performance. I think this is a weak. That if you have been rothlisburger on your team and maybe you know your qb to or even your starting huby as maybe have as a tougher matchup. I think this is a week where you definitely start ben rothlisberger because again i. Just don't trust the raiders defense and on the other side i think this is a solid matchup for the steelers defense. They're gonna feed off that crowd energy. I feel like they're going to force turnovers. They're gonna get sacks in this game because you also the raiders. They kind of going through makeshift with their offensive line. You know i think. They like three-fifths of their starters From last year so offensive lines are gonna look a little different so yeah. Imsa this affair will match up for the steelers swimming onto week number. Three the bengals. Now come to town. The steelers did very well against the bengals at heinz field last year. And i think they'll do the same thing again. You know the bengals. Their offensive line is not really that good. So i expect the steelers defense to be a big play that week. I think the steelers defense does well. And i think the offense does well to. I think ben has another solid performance. Najji has another good performance. Receivers do well. Maybe look for the tight ends. You know do something as well. 'cause you know i talked about the tight end that they drafted. I wanna say his name. So i just don't want i. I feel embarrassed butcher his name. It's pat fryer mouth. I think that's how you pronounce it if it's not you know once we start watching the games and you know they talk about him on the broadcast or whatever. Whenever i'm watching the steelers games then i will be able to pronounce it right But yeah he looked really good in the lions game. I talked about that on the last show or two shows go whatever it was so you know looked for him to be a weapon and you know hebron as well you know i think the tight ends could do well in this game too. So that's my thoughts on that game to positive match-up across the board for the steelers that moving onto week number four the steelers go to the frozen tundra of lambofield to take on the packers and this should be very fun. Game this is a rematch of the super bowl. Super bowl forty five. I believe yet from two thousand and ten two thousand eleven season. You know. Aaron rodgers ben. Rothlisberger should be a very fun game and the previous two times that these two teams met. Aaron rodgers was not the quarterback. Because you had. I believe it was twenty seventeen was brett hundley and then twenty thirteen was matt. Flynn so hopefully. We got rodgers and ben both playing in this game. Expect a lot of points to be scored here. I know the packers. I i like their defense. I just feel like you know. There's some cracks in it. And i do think the steelers will be able to move the ball. I think nashi has a good game here. I think they lean heavily on the run in this game. Because i believe that the packers run defense still is a weakness of theirs so i do think the nausea will have a good game. Here i think the receivers do okay. I think whoever goes up against jar is going to have a problem so most likely. That's going to be klay pool. If he's playing. Look for guys. Like the andre johnson juju to have more of an impact in this game then on the other side..

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