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Michael brantley jay hit for the fifth time he's whole for quarry replaced edwin encarnacion after encarnacion rolled his ankle on the faces of not look good regardless of the outcome of this game thus it looked great frank bernas you'll to continue during this round here's the pitch brantley swings in this there's that curve ball it'll be brantley santana embroiled the chances got one two three on seven pitches nearly eleven you'll want fast authorised right is it mirrors the strike zone getting bigger uh i would say it's it's getting bigger but it seems like down is worthy expansion his coming four dan i saw yellow that last pitch the top of the strike zone great skulasen pitches against the yankees that have been a little bit down and out of his own old q now but chances fired swaggered about should a third to array of stare collects tossed the first brantley as out warm away here bottom twelve indians eight yankees eight here at progressive coming up on sunday we'll be gained three her rational and had not go will have it for you seventy stirred obvious radio three years ago dave o'brien and john crossed it a real long in dc where you produce in that justin justin wireless produce in that that would eighteen nbc yeah when branded belted a homer who said canada and the pitch hi and outside at account one addo carlos santana hitting lefthanded the two run single a ground out a walk the fly out a poppa next pitch is in the dirt santana one out of food.

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