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You have questions on stocks bonds new Indies mutual funds. what ever question you have. no question is a dumb one except the one that you do not ask. so call us now. with your questions on any and every financial topic we're here for you we're talking a lot of financial regrets. in the biggest financial regret the data is suggesting according to Brian magic. that Americans most regrettable financial decisions stack up to focusing on the near term. at the expense of the long term. building a thoughtful budget balances these two things alone Americans to afford the occasional luxury to day. without dragging down their credit score or quality of life in the future. the data also shows that it's possible for people to recover from living beyond their means and spending more than they say. notice that the data suggests it's possible for you to recover this can be paid off. can scan start saving for retirement now on work to increase contributions as your income gross. millennials interestingly have the basics down when it comes to managing their money but there's.

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