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Twenty four people have been tested since the outbreak twenty two results came back negative as to how much candy man remains the only person in our state to have tested positive now look at your forecast chances of rain to return to the forecast for Tuesday morning we'll be very heavy though and we'll start out on Tuesday mainly rain free morning temperatures in the thirties highs in the forties I'm Cairo seven chief meteorologist Morgan Paul it's forty six degrees in downtown Seattle I'm heather Bosch miss anything follow us on Facebook to get caught up however radio ninety seven three FM news and talk powered by the Pacific Northwest okay camera no all right I know Tom's trying to get in the door again it yeah can can you call them is in the other room and I'm through all right Tom louder like you care dragon from that he fumbled on the three and a half yard line got big plans for that team he did a good I think might be picked up talk about and Jacob get sicker as these things right you know right away we got big plans hello we are gonna go behind enemy lines I never heard the show before nine and we are on we started this thing we would call the guy in the other town of the team we're playing this is Marcy hawks yeah plans you are simply whatever and we get on the phone was always fun we ask if you have a question we're doing that on.

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