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Electron cards now news. Live from NPR news. In Washington, I'm Jack Speer. The house oversight committee has voted to hold attorney general William bar, and commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt NPR's Kelsey Snell reports, Ross and bar refused to comply with the committee's investigation into the twenty twenty cents house oversight committee chairman Elijah Cummings says Democrats have been asking for a year for the Trump administration to turn over documents related to a controversial plan to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty census the committee vote paves the way for coming to pursue legal action against both bar an Ross in civil court. Michigan congressman Justin Amash was the only Republican to vote with committee Democrats in favor of contempt. The Justice department has recommended that President Trump invoked executive privilege in withholding. The documents Democrats are requesting Kelsey Snell, NPR news, the capitol. Former White House communications director hope Hicks. Has agreed to a closed-door interview with the House Judiciary committee next week move. Something of a step back for the Trump administration, which had earlier said, Hicks testimony and her documents, were among those shielded by executive privilege. The panel subpoenaed, Hicks last month as part of its investigation into obstruction of Justice, special counsel, Robert Muller's. Russia report Hicks, a longtime ally of the president has mentioned throughout that report Hicks last week. Agreed to supply documents the committee, despite the earlier White House directive in the first sentencing and the college admissions cheating scandal. A Stanford sailing coach accused of taking more than half a million dollars in bribes in exchange for getting students into the elite school will not serve prison time then Paris. Toby Smith reports. John van damore was sentenced to two years supervised. Release the judge explained her sentencing that John van damore is the least culpable of the fifty defendants in the college admission scandal, because he took no personal gain from his crime, all the money went to his team and because no student ever ended up. Actually getting into Stanford because of his misconduct. Van damore choked up in court as he apologized and said he was ashamed of what he did outside he reiterated he did. None of it for himself and that he was doing what he thought was right for the team. Prosecutors did not comment on the sentence, but we're certainly disappointed. They had implored the judge to include time behind bars saying, only that would send a powerful message of deterrence, and help restore public faith in a system, exposed as rigged, tovia Smith, NPR news, Boston General Motors announcing plans to spend another one hundred fifty million dollars upgrade a facility in Flint, Michigan to builds heavy trucks company, says the money will be used to improve the factories conveyor system, and for that will boost output, GM facility makes heavy duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups looking to production by another forty thousand vehicles a year. Jim says it also plans to add another thousand jobs at the plant on Wall Street, the Dow is down forty three points. The NASDAQ fell twenty nine points. This is NPR. But this lawmakers were unsuccessful in their effort to ensure the UK can't leave the European Union. Got a divorce deal. The house of Commons today voting against setting aside a day later this month for an attempt to pass legislation aimed at preventing a no deal Brexit. Some of the ten lawmakers find replace Theresa May as prime minister vowing to take Britain out of the e was scheduled October thirty first with or without a deal over a number of economists and others of said, leaving veteran agreement on how the split would work could have disastrous repercussions both for Britain and the EU Ebola has claimed the life of a five year old child and Ugandan across the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is ten months into a deadly outbreak. And press feB custodian says to other family members of the dead boy reportedly tested positive for the virus Ugandan and world. Health Organization officials say the boy cross the border from eastern Congo with his family on Sunday. It's been reported they attended the funeral of a relative who may have died of. Mona in Congo. The five year old who was exhibiting symptoms of the virus, including vomiting, blood was taken to a Ugandan hospital, WHO said Monday that despite previous leads the boy was the first confirmed case in Uganda since the outbreak of Bala in neighboring Congo last August. The Ugandan government says, up to fifty people may have come into contact with seven other people known to have been in the ball as on the authorities insist that well prepared to contain any more Ebola cases in Uganda and will not restrict movement at the border with Congo of heavy Akwa stopped in NPR news oil fell four percent today to close at fifty one fourteen barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include X chair maker of the X to office, chair with dynamic variable, lumbar support, and ten ergonomic features to fit users of different shapes and sizes at X chair radio dot com or eight four four, four X chair. Good afternoon. 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