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He's the guy on the sideline that was like it's going to be a hell of a story that's going to be. And you know, what he was yelling that. No Julia was saying it's going to store. No. It was. That said the fourth quarter and overtime Tom Brady threw for two hundred forty six yards. That would be a great Super Bowl. Just by itself. I'm not saying Tom isn't the goat? I descend it. I don't like saying it my stomach is it doesn't feel good. But join element when it's time to play football. He's playing football. When it's time to go over the middle. Catch the ball and take the shot. He's the guy doing it in the biggest of the big games. We could hate on one we want, and I'm the biggest giants fan in the world you are. But the guys he's a champion can Julian Edelman run by anybody. He can out quick people internees. But he can't run by anybody can Odell Beckham is is superior athlete that superior wide receiver. But I'm telling you something I'll take Julian enemy when it's crunch time to run over the middle. Get smacked catch the ball. Not catch the ball rebe even in the playoff game the playoff game before he missed the catch came back. I mean, this is what you need this Jew. Odell Beckham could take a little bit. Juliane next play the next play the next you're making me how how did you spend this reverse psychology? I stand up for the patriots. And my guy Odell Beckham in giant and sit here and defend what do it when the patriots acquire Odell Beckham junior? I think Tom Brady could play until he's forty thirty seven going on. I just I'm speaking and trying to likely happening. How did you spend this on? The patriots way. I don't think. So either. And they don't pay like that. They don't pay. Yeah. Yeah. Sixty five million, but they should pay Julian Elman, he won two Super Bowls. Okay. Well, mike. Michael Irving, and Kevin Durant are two of the biggest names that are expected to hit free agency this offseason new video from Sunday's all star game shows, the two of them chatting a tunnel and kyri appears to say the words to and max Takeda they reportedly could both wind up together in New York this summer, we're joined once again by Michael Rapaport, Michael do you think these to end up together with the Knicks? I will not only a great trash talker sports commentary guy. I'm a fantastic lip-reader. Good. And he said they didn't say to and max he goes to you guys. Relax. Relax and was talking to all of us. Now. Listen what I love do. I think do I imagine do I lay my head on the pillow dreaming that kyri Irving, and Kevin Durant would come to the Knicks with max deals and signed for three years and get us that parade down Fifth Avenue. Yes, I would love that. That would be such a beautiful way to end this this rocky road that we've been on since nineteen seventy three. What does that does that make me sleep?.

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