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To a neighborhood feel everything a season thank like a ring doorbell certainly have a a deterrent factor if the criminals no you have one and you know the protective factor to the extent that if you do have your stuff stolen you have one of those you can at least give the police from some guidance on who might have been but at the same time and you know we're turning our country into more and more of a surveillance state where you can't go anywhere but you're not track whether it's through your call I will if you happen to catch and maybe we'll talk about this next year there's been some interesting stories coming out recently about how you know most cars now only record very advanced lock the technology inside them and while most people have no idea what kind of tracking is going on in the car it's just too the significant and advance to the cell phone yet most people don't understand think about it you know your photos tracking you your call is tracking it there's been closed caption cameras everywhere you know increasingly were becoming a female state I it makes me uncomfortable I you know yeah yeah you know I've talked about this a lot in the I'm not the libertarian part of me goes foie Hey let's slow down here a little bit and Rackley and I couldn't agree more the scared little rabbit in me says okay look this will keep me soon yeah but is it is it really keeping us safe no no no we're not sure what was what was the Thomas Jefferson the famous Thomas Jefferson quote those who trade liberty for security have neither I think I'm not I'm not sure find it all that much security you know that and that's one of the things I'm hoping that as we go into twenty twenty and we're at a expose the ever increasing technology in in every form factor again every device you can think of now be a radically can beach mark whether it needs to be or not and most of them don't frankly is that people will start to realize that while these devices bring up a lot of convenience in theory they also bring a lot of negative potential consequences and I'm I'm hoping people will start to realize this and least make a conscious choice if you know if you decide you wanted Alexa or smart TV or whatever that's great at least understand the potential consequences making informed choice I am interested in that you know you need to insure those providing secure and that you're updating the software on them or you're just setting yourself up for disaster Dave pattern is always great to talk to you tonight happy new year and thanks for the recap here on the night cap for twenty not always my pleasure yeah again happy new year to you and your listeners an outlook for the chat with you again next year in in a matter of days thanks thanks Dave all right more of the night Capri caps in moments on seven hundred W. L. W. let's say you went to Spain for some for for some awesome Germany for some better known as.

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