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On Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Good evening. Nine. Joe Michaels, a man is in custody after allegedly opening fire this afternoon in a Roseville shopping center near the 3000 block of Douglass Boulevard near East Roosevelt Parkway. No identification on the suspect. Yet police had initially described him as a 50 year old black man wearing a black hoodie. They started getting reports of the shooting around 20 after three this afternoon. One person has sustained life threatening injuries. If you have any information relating to this incident, police contact Roseville police and they're also asking you to avoid the area of Douglass Boulevard and Sierra College Boulevard. Fire crews appear to have control over to wild fires that broke out in the Sacramento region this afternoon Cruise still on scene in El Dorado Hills, where flames raced across 30 acres, threatening homes and forcing evacuations in the Blackstone Valley View Parkway area. Crews are still mopping up hot spots near antelope. After stopping the forward progress of the white PFE fire there. Flames burning about 50 acres of grassland and oak trees before crews stopped its forward progress. No homes there were threatened. Chaotic morning in Carmichael, where two were involved in a hit and run and others had a gun pulled on them. Kft case Jensen Raider has more on an incident that left one person dead and three more hurt. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department says they were called to the scene after the events. An erratic driver along Cyprus Avenue struck a pedestrian killing them, then turning around to hit another pedestrian who stopped to help. Sergeant Rodney Grass man says the suspect, then rammed another car getting out and attacking them with a crowbar. That subject was able To free themselves from the suspect. They got into a card with a private security guard who was in another vehicle to seek refuge. The suspect, then walked over to a trailer and pulls a gun on someone inside. There was a fight between our suspect and this subject over the gun, but a family member of this third victim came out of the trailer with a weapon and shot our suspect. The suspect was treated and arrested. No details yet as to the motivation behind these events, Jensen radar news. 93.1 kfbk our next update in 30 minutes. I'm Joe Michaels News 93.1 kfbk now sacramental traffic. Good evening. 7 34. I'm Bob Williams Watch for construction activity. Starting up tonight Highway 99 s singer road traffic hazard being reported on the 3600 block of Karcher Road, just north of Rio, PSA in plastic County. Looks like a problem with a big rig in that area is a truck route. We understand crash with injuries to out beyond what Avenue? Why? No, no way. This was a two vehicle collision. We do have emergency crews responding. We did have the number three lane blocked there for a while. We still have a closure westbound, Florin wrote the number two lane closed between Chandler and Stockton Boulevard. Traffic on the tins, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the body leading the way home Traffic center Bob Williams News 93.1 Kft Gay Now Sacramento weather Clear tonight. Overnight. Low 58 to 62 was the Sunday tomorrow and after you'd high of 83 to 87 tomorrow night clear, though 56 to 60 against Sonny on Wednesday, a little warmer, high 85 to 89 Mackey Weather's Bob Larson. News 93.1 KFBK Next up paid in less than 30 minutes, breaking news the second It happened on Sacramento's new 93.1 kfbk a veterans Did you know that you can now? Hey, In honor of Pride Month, Sharman.

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