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On their show at 2 33 123323776 the number if you want to chime and we're talking about college football, Where is it headed? In your opinion, the Big 10 saying they're only going to play play Conference games last are we had baseball analyst Eduardo Perez on the show. He likes the White Sox chances in the central better than the Cubs Chances. And I'm a big Reds fan, but I, but I can't say for sure they're gonna win like it does feel like there's more parity in this in the NL Central. When I say I'm a big Reds fan for this season, Not in general, I just like their team. Maybe I'm overselling them, but does feel like there's more parody in the NL Central than the Els Ale Central. So maybe Eduardo's onto something. 3123323776 The Cubs pushing back some of the workout stuff today because they're waiting on testing. So those are some of the things In the news that we've been discussing. But Danny, if I could spit at you right now, I would, but that would be against CDC guidelines. Yeah, I I'll take a pass on the spitting Jessie. I thought the story you posted today on ESPN dot com was very interesting. I think all the stuff like you're talking about the Reds chances and who has a better shot of winning the White Sox or Cubs? It's all a fun exercise, but me personally with the 60 Games season coming up ahead of us, I don't buy into any of it like that. It is pointless. For us to try to predict what's gonna happen. We don't know who's going to come out Super hot for the 1st 10 games and who's going to come out super cold? We don't know about slumps. I think with this season being the way that it is any kind of project predictions are going to go out of the window early. So for me is a baseball fan. What's most interesting is the crowd noise what they're going to do with the fans and the story you wrote today about how players are going to have to deal with actually stopping to spit. Because it's not only spitting seeds. It's not only spitting on the field. These guys are used to spitting in their hands and their gloves before they go up to bat. Yeah, And that's the biggest change in talking to the players for this story is those things that have been ingrained spitting. I mean, former mentioned high fiving. It's just so natural guy comes back after home run. I mean, it's just I think a lot of them are going to forget and break some of those rules. Wearing a mask inside weather working out that doesn't sound pleasant at all. But I would I would say that the heat of the battle stuff like spinning is going to be number one because that is just second nature Justin Turner was talking about. I mean, every other second he's spinning when he's stepping out of the batter's box to get ready and stuff like that, so I don't know what's going to necessarily and being forced or not. I mean, I haven't really in the week of watching Cubs practices have been there like 45 I haven't really watched closely if guys are spitting. I would be the binoculars. I think to see it from the press box TV cameras. Obviously, we'll pick this up better. But are they really gonna enforce guys? You know about the spitting role? I don't know. I don't know. It seems a little ridiculous just to the Cubs have a lot of guys that used dip on the team. I mean, you don't have to say specifically who I know. These guys want to be role models to kids. But are there a lot of guys that use dip? And if so, because People that use dip. That's that's an addiction. That's something that they rely on. That's a that's a crutch. A lot of people use it, you know, is a stimulant. That would be incredibly hard to break, especially if they're used to using it while they're playing baseball, and that might be a point where they might not be able to play the game without it. Yes, there. There are a few. There are a few for sure. I don't know. I don't 25%. There's a handful that used it for sure. Andi, they not use it like since they can't spit. How can they possibly use it? Well, I mean, can you spit into a cup on Lee? I mean, is that ends that you're carrying around a vial of possible Karol of Corona, right? Yeah. I don't think they can. And that's a question. I didn't even ask for the story. What about the dip? You know, why don't you run your stories by me before you pull you How Just have you write them? What about guys that that dip? I haven't seen that come up anywhere. I would imagine they can't Tipping is all about spitting right in the head. And that's the one thing they don't want you doing So I imagine they're not going to be able to use that farmer seeds or there's some flower seeds this year. No, no. Some flour seats. S so there's no there. There won't be dipping unless they hide it. Somehow. You know what I mean? The guy's hide it now because they don't want the public to see them dipping a lot of time, But they certainly aren't going to be dipping while they're playing. The question is, if they're in the dugout, not playing can they sort of do something on the side? I don't think so. I don't think so. Have any of you guys Chris Tyler, Jesse Had to break a bad habit in your lifetime, like you would assume that if these baseball players can't dip, and let's be honest, there's no way they should be allowed to spit dip in a cup or on the field. So let's say they're gonna have to break the habit and go on with the game. That's going to be incredibly impossible. Incredibly difficult, Not impossible. Breaking habits are obviously possible. People do it every day. Have you guys ever broken a bad habit? And what was that? Like? Also, we'd like to hear from you if you were a different some point because this applies directly to baseball, and you broke the habit. How difficult was it 3123323776 I'm wondering again. There's no way they can. They condemn because if you can't spit you can't dip in and its just not sanitary. But I'm but guys like I said they've already Done well in hiding it And will they continue to do well, like they have experience in hiding the dip? A lot of times we'll continue that are do they understand that that's just wrong and putting your teammates at risk and stuff like that? That's what I was going to say. Just they could hide it right. But how selfish is that? Like if Chris was a Dipper, and we told him he couldn't dip because he couldn't spin around all of us? And he hit it. He's putting me and my family in jeopardy. Is putting Tyler at jeopardy. You would assume these guys aren't going to go to that extent of being selfish. Yeah, I agree with you I would agree to, and the Cubs haven't had one positive test among their players knock on wood, which is my head, and I think that they're one of the teams that's positioned well to follow those protocols. It's such a veteran tight knit team. I don't think anyone's going to do anything to put anybody in jeopardy. But they messed up the other day. I read somewhere that two guys shared a glove. They did. They did do that, and it was addressed. Apparently, they thought it was sanitized or something. Yeah, they didn't look like I said before. They're not going to perfect. I wrote the story Players admitted there. They're not going to be perfect, but I think I just said well position to the best they possibly can. Teo do the right thing. I was mostly thinking off the field. You know more than anything because they're on the field. That just is a mistake. But off the field, I think they're pretty well. Opposition to do that. All right, gents. We got our first Dipper. I don't know if he's a little Dipper, Big Dipper on the line, Charlie and Braidwood Dipper. Hey, what's going on? Big Dipper over here. All right. I would hope nothing less. I used to to tobacco. I quit in chewing tobacco. I don't spit anything out. Now use these little things called sin, but it's just like Nicorette ground up in a pouch and you swallow it. It's kind of like not which is pretty popular in Europe, too. I think everybody's gonna have switched over to something like that. We're still like doing what? You're not having to spit and there's not loose tobacco everywhere. You could just put in your mouth and be done with it. Why do you use it? What benefit do you get from it? It's a nicotine addiction. I mean, I did, But do you like where you could actually quit? My wife was always yelling at me. Hey, you can't be killing anymore and I just went to this. She's okay with it. All right. It's hard to quit anything. So I think a lot of these guys are still going to be doing something on the side. I think they're just going to have to find an alternative. Like the one I'm using. All right, Charlie. Thanks. Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck. Quitting if you ever decide to do it, Yeah. Listen, ESPN 1000 we do not condone dipping. We don't condemn it, but we're not telling you to defy. Just find this incredibly interesting. You've got baseball players who are now dealing with a completely different situation. A 60 game season. They're in a bubble, basically, their with their team..

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