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Basketball bird I realize is he does he like this year do company it's easy I can't wait so they knew it in Richmond of the program I can't wait to tweet out when he smashes into the wall the I I called basketball my best the best thing of showered with them that was delightful yeah that was nice I usually love shower himself but it's getting dangerous nowadays me sitting there watching it and then he would eat your food or something I don't need shit all over the couch every time and my mom will be with the Fox stoplight I'm sure they'll see bought you the bird now my dad did couched in any move the Florida Florida Tire Bush family on an episode Mike I don't even care no yeah my brother is the biggest mix tape fan now because he met Coley Coley and he always he always brings it up it's just another Mo like even the dad they're all just mush the pizza hut comment that he was still like an unbelievable thing please say he and I was like he's not that fat too because Dana's always come anywhere anyone Dana mates who isn't skinny or fat and so I was like not that you're not fat at all and then him you were talking about his eating habits and Muslims like you eat pizza hut every night and instead of him being no I don't or I just enjoy it he was like the only people cheeseburger crust she told somebody else a big cheese at across that I'll stop eat he would the trust wouldn't stop his but it's such a fair statement it's like how someone else to make better respect so fast Oh yeah he's been asked US Blake idiots for something else I think I don't know it was such an incredible satement that I was like I see the vision the man was a cheesy crossed other people need to step their shit up more facts but bushes on the show because we are entering the the world of gambling the season every day Monday through Friday there will be a ten to fifteen minute episode of mix tape with the daily picks motion going to be on tyler is going to be on I'm GONNA be on we're GonNa win you a Lotta money he has nervous no getting the gambling world into gambling like every time I I get back into gambling because I've never had the itch but every once in a while I'm just like board and throw some money down I always rake day one off to the worst gambill you've ever seen especially when you like you're not really gambler you hit so many Betcha first couple days and then you gotta figure so easy and then once you've consistently do it I've also realizable good gambler now I switched around me quit yesterday I did but I don't have good cowboys Eighty I'm I'm realizing good 'cause I checked how many bets I bet this past week it was a hundred and four in seven days that's insane to be only down four hundred dollars bet in two to three hundred in each game yeah that's really Mediocre Mahdi at everything being that's like when people say if you go to Vegas and you leave and you one oh sure yeah I mean being down four hundred a win for me yeah you basically paid four hundred dollars and that's it yeah they have some if the cowboys lawsuits either that was two grand down four hundred that's scary things to win right there to grant don't have that oh chance and you wouldn't be in here boasting about how good of a one game and I forgot about cover them back I can't believe best does a wrench into everything 'cause football's every now I have something every day because baseball you kind of like say fuck it right because it's just so long basketball cyst it's the best nath vessel gambling is the best now tyler I told you this before while we're waiting for most to get here he's been betting on the Falcons every week hurt me I'm addicted did you see that Leo you see Julio Jones Video for the game him jumping up one hand grab he doesn't report and there are only plus three at home and the rams with the rams are ten times better while something's going to happen they stick I say it out on Monday about Sunday my late devante freeman way they have some new they have Ridley and Julio Jones Mara Matt Ryan You kidding me how do you lose often every every often bad bad not doing a good game through money down the drain next Sunday is going to see that same Julio video given he's going to bet them again yeah if I had a little bit of smart brain I'd be up money I'm sending you the same every week talk to the opposite it's still too because while he did again it's GonNa be good every week he so he's not the reason they're lose I love snoot too I think he's great news great one of the best quarterbacks saying how do people have opinions on people with different words good is every time is things I'm like oh I like the Falcons Bat Patriots are good Welsey say great ah there's no one really cares no one really cares about people's opinions to say it just like say your pick and it's like all right you don't know shuttling outraged whatever you pick whichever yeah that's fun to do when you're like yeah you're fucking moron than you have a little thing that's best when Bush picked the raiders a few weeks ago specifically because they were bad and then they want yeah that was fun I was incredible that's always exactly housing I go good raiders a bat that's why I'm going to be a good gambler exactly there's nothing better though and then in the gambling world boasting about your picks is you pull the audio it feels so good and then when they lose it's great all you do is call walking the lane he is a square bag he really is I feel you're going to be a square may yeah Pacific Square and you know I'm the biggest circle you've ever seen you do have a circular body picked up everything you ever could have though thank you good staring at has headway so now we're on a hat evaluating the to shift McVeigh call either that's narrow one bit of an ad bag because we need to do those as well Sima hooters picture I'm GonNa who does wall tires rock actor Jonah isn't data insert himself into the picture that doesn't like they never until you see the picture of Dan no and they put dimples others name they put in there yeah he's GonNa fuck it up he's in there if they put pussy it would've been unbelievable dad would how much do you think it would take you slide we all slide them little something they just tag them it's pushing have you create it'd be on and he larry they were taking a picture you like would stand right next to us like hoping they'd asked him to come in and like you WanNa come in they know his name that's why they put dimples Oh oh okay okay well I'm here he also you know he's like what are you I was we're about we just left and he was like what are you doing I was like I'm going to go record mixed signals exte- subset he deserves to be He's been office game if you didn't know Dana yeah he literally couldn't get five together last week for our Game Oh man yeah he stinks Forfeit Back Zoo oh is either had again though about stinking Oh yeah bigtime good I think I think we did have five he was just like no I stink we can't play he's the best I player game first game player ever and second game he stinks thirty me it's totally worse than fourth place ask he got blocked on the same move no less than ten times already know the move had set him up perfectly the other team was short and he for some reason able and then like go super power gather he has the dribble nice power for he goes forty two inches and lamb it and he kept trying to go from like the baseline to like the front of the Rim and got blocked every time and he was yelling at the referee I was like Dude You keep getting getting blocked that's it that's it you're not going straight up you bring it out I allowing them to block it whose side are you shout.

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