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Role as well. They got next week the Michigan week for double quantity. He looked like a bear coming out of hibernating. He was foraging. That's right. That's right. All right. A lot of you have been tweet at first of all I want to give a shout out to Elizabeth who she's watching the Buckeye basketball game there right now leading Creighton right now twenty three to nineteen by the way and listening to Bach line perfect night or something like that. So shout out to Elizabeth. She's a great listener. And always tweeting at us. Some of the questions that have come in. I'm going to combine a couple of them because they kind of dovetail offer what Joffrey was just asking the last segment about the use of Tate Martell. So Tom as what do you guys think the chances would be to have Haskins Martel and Weber or Dobbins on the field at the same time and another one regarding the use of Tate Martell? Could you see a wrinkle of both Askins and Martel in the backfield together with the defense unsure of who will get the ball in the snap. And could that cause problems for the defense? What do you think of all those wrinkles of a Haskins Martell backfield out? I don't know. I don't know how complicated you wanna get this stage of the season. But what do you think? Well, if if the defense has a different defensive package for a certain office bags you always a Martell package and they see him come off the sidelines on the field. Mealy call from the call sheet for that. Now, we know very well mortels under center, Dwayne Hassans is a decoy because they're all to run though, too. So that would be case they decide it's important enough to do it. They want to spend the practice time at that. Because the personnel grouping is the first thing that coaches look for in a press box on silent. When offense I'm trying to figure out if you have if I'm understanding this. I'm guessing they would have them both in the shotgun side by side and then Jordan likes Nieves. Snaps it to one of them. But if you have both quarterbacks on the field, you're taking some you know mean you can't have twelve guys that you're taking a skill that. I would give you does that make you understand what I'm saying. I understand the confusion. Like oh, gosh. Are they going to run it with artillery and snap it too? But I I don't know. I think there's a far greater chance. We could see the two running backs in the game at the same time versus the two quarterbacks. Webber with in a backfield. Yes, I think if you went with a heavy set like we talked about before where you're bringing that extra tight end. And then go ahead and put your quarterback in the shotgun and put it back on either side of them. Now, if that's going to be successful one of these two guys has got to be prepared to be a blocker. Yeah. And I'm not one hundred percent, sure. That either one of them are willing to give up their life to be blocking for the other guy. Then motion one amount most crawl somebody. I it signifies man coverages and everything else that they're doing maybe send one out. And and what we've seen a lot of guys is on the back out of the backfield for that. We'll we'll we'll route which I think has been highly successful. And I hope we do more of it. I agree. Okay. Question regarding the punt return unit. There were several punch by Michigan state last week that were short, but our returner let the ball bounce and they got a substantial role cost a lot of field position. Why didn't he run up and just catch it is there a fear of fumbling Caja hill last week, sometimes those rugby style punts eight. They used a couple of different plumbers. I would say sometimes those are hard to catch. Correct bill. Yeah. And any doubt at all don't feel it. You know, you're maybe loosen begin. That was the situation with the wind was very very strong up there at a guy shanked his first punt because he tried to drop it flat. And he dropped to too high and win took it off the normal drops spot on his foot. So you know, when you're winning situation, and when you are in control the game or ahead. Don't take a chance of giving up field position by dropping a punt. Yeah. It's it's a dangerous thing mad, but and I was put returner in my day. And I had a lot of pride in terms of never letting that ball get on the ground. And you know, you wanna do everything you can as a punt return guy to go up there and feel that because the statistics will tell you if it hits on the ground, it's going to go plus twelve right? I mean, that's just the typically what is going to happen. If you allow it now, there's been cases where that ball. Backspin, and it's gone the other way, and it's a bad bounce for the kicking team. But you've got to go up there and do everything you can as long as it's not in a high risk to catch that football. Okay. Sam asks should the big ten looked to realign the divisions. The west continues to be very weak. No offence to north western had a great year. But it's not gonna produce compelling championship. Game matchup. Remember way back when when we went to these leaders in which I hated hated the names of it. Yes. But the fact that like, for example, Michigan state was not in the same division. Right. As Ohio State at the time. Correct. And so there was nor was Michigan by and there was this separation out there, and you can still have balanced in these divisions with out losing the natural rivals. Right. So if Michigan and Ohio State were being separate divisions. Now, you you're bringing it up the possibility that those two teams because we played them at the end of the season. Could play back to back, but it's happening right now in the big twelve so why not go back to something? That's a little bit more balanced, and it's gonna be it's gonna be an exclamation part of Mark this year, just simply because of the northwestern debacle. You know, if they get in with four losses or more. They already have four Minnesota Oriole annoy my goodness. Well, and they could they could lose to Minnesota Purdue to go up there in Minnesota. I noticed at one the week started. Northwestern was like a three point favorite not that, you know, we're entertainment purposes, only but northwestern is now an underdog like banners think Minnesota's gonna win that game. Crazy. The ideal situation you go so many years you might rely. Here's the problem. You got is you also schedule non league teams and you schedule those years in advance. So you messing up complete schedules and might ruin the homeboy balance of your schedule. So that's a tough thing to do. But this year, you sit also the Atlantic coast the same thing invasion Zoe the southeast conference is not well balanced as well those used to be, but it's a tough thing. And you don't know what teams are going to be good for a couple years in which teams aren't except for the standard bears Gaskins house states. But what's what's really surprising? Is that Nebraska's not better jazz is what is burned the big ten? I think they thought Nebraska will be a power over there with Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska just said, you know, what? Though. I do think they're headed in the right? Are they are they made the right coaching higher in order to be able to do that? But it's still going to take a little bit of time to make that happen agree real quick one. Last one I like this cage a asked for the job. Luke fecal is doing at Cincinnati. Do you think he would ever be considered at Ohio State down the road? I think you'll be conserved for some major jobs if he keeps winning. They're obviously, I think he's gotta keep winning just like like if you're asking if urban leaves after this year, think look fickle was viable candidate. But it'd have to be down the if like six years, and he builds this great program at Cincinnati. Well, if he builds that program, and it goes somewhere else and builds another program, he's got to do it. Mark dantonio did is the Bill that they're then go find a big ten or similar job. And then maybe after four or five years after that..

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