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The locker room walls. The new army bases used to the war of well-trained highly unskilled young men on this night the Falcons face the only other team located on domestic military base the Fort Knox Eagles. They call it the army ball all week. Falcons head coach Sean Burner has been reminding his team that this year's game special because awesome date on the calendar. You're not GonNa get another opportunity guys seniors. This is it. This is your last opportunity high school football and it's the last opportunity opportunity to play in this army bowl and it's scheduled on nine eleven. That's mean a lot to you especially for what your parents to guys make your parents proud every kid on the team every kid in that school in fact had at least one parent in the military and I was thinking about my time in Fort Campbell recently family and when I say time before Campbell how I would typically do. These reports is getting on a Monday. Stay with the team for week of practice and then cover the game. They played on on a Friday. The reason I was thinking about four Campbell is not because it's nine eleven not because of the wars in Afghanistan and inviting the Taliban Camp David not because football season started for Campbell specifically has been in the news for Campbell's on the front page of The New York Times a few days ago and I will tell you why after I play this next clip from my decade old report. The team runs an intricate no huddle offense that requires each player to think on the fly and the coaches know what the kids are going through off the field senior. You're Chris Allen says the biggest difference between playing for a team. That's on a military base filled. Only with military kids and playing on any other team is the difference between friendship and kinship. Alan wants played at a public high school office. You'd be down one day not they wouldn't even know your parents were gone. You'd be down one day be crying. They just asked what happened and you tell them and they'll be we like oh man because they haven't heard it before and they don't know what to do and then they would just let it go off but here everybody knows how what the feeling is and they had come for. You and it's just a whole lot better environment for this last. Year's deployments were worse than just frustrating the father of Josh Carter the senior leader of the defense was killed in Afghanistan even more than two hundred soldiers based at four Campbell of lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. This was the first time in principle Dave Witty's four years at Fort Campbell that the parent of one of his students had died when word it came out of the death within within an hour I would say almost every coach was at the students house they were there to support. They were there to work. They were the kids came over and they're to support in there to work. So that's kind of a brotherhood. It was at least an acknowledgment that there would be sacrificed but it would be shared now. I'll tell you why four Campbell was in the news for Campbell is the military base that has been and denied a desperately needed new Middle School. The current middle school is so overcrowded. That's some students have to eat lunch in the library and the reason the badly needed the new school won't be built. Even though the money was set aside is that sixty two point six million dollars allotted to the Fort Campbell community and their new Middle School is is being taken from them in order to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico the thanks that the families who are the the parents at Fort Campbell which is to say the soldiers in our army. The thanks they are getting is that their kids will have to cram together some more to we'll have to sacrifice some more as if what they already sacrifice on an ongoing basis is not enough because our president could not through normal Democratic Appropriations Fund his signature project so that got me to thinking about Fort Campbell and a team the football team team that was a worrying attack squadron now the current four Campbell football team. I just looked it up. Owen three but back then they were unstoppable. Applicable happened to witness the fourth win of the season that would become an undefeated season culminating in a state championship so it was gratifying defying to be able to end that piece this way but also disappointing to realize just how much the sentiment that I expressed in two thousand nine ah no longer holds up using football as a metaphor for life is not unique to Fort Campbell a place where they're resigned to the fact that life's harsh lessons cannot be stopped but there's comfort in knowing that on Friday nights neither can the football team on the show today. I should feel about to rich men named Donald but first thirty for thirty is the ESPN series film and podcast and they are now out with a five part series about the La Clippers the worst team in the NBA now you may recall that the owner of the La Clippers. Should we say the erstwhile owner. Donald Sterling was caught making racist assist remarks on an audiotape recorded by his mistress vis-a-vis Yano and thus began the unraveling of Mr Sterling's Basketball Holdings Ramona Shelburne is the reporter who joins US next to talk about thirty thirty the sterling affairs.

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