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Yeah he he's technically tied but he is never one who's he tied with salvador perez so that makes sense in conclusion you have done fantastically well at the stat was it turns out you know your own product like the beth you're good for me all right you can catch make of course on the set cast podcast make sure to in your podcast app said it to one point to speed maybe seven something like that for trying able to understand everything so far though we're listening in real time so maybe it's not the greatest test but you can catch him there you can find him on dot com on mlb network on twitter at mike underscore patria low thank you mike thank you so these days it seems that not only do we discuss shohei ohtani every episode but he does something in between our discussion and the podcast being posted that merits and update so at the beginning of the sewed jeff night talked about how the angels should move him up in the lineup or when that might happen it happened on friday angels bumped him up from eighth in the order to seventh and he rewarded them and us by going to for four with double and a single double came on a very inside pitch that he just muscled out to left field it remains amazing and i remain riveted i'm sure we'll have more about him next time and every time also the suspensions for the brawl between the padres and rockies that we talked about earlier were handed down seven players were suspended luis perdomo and known are not got the.

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