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Now, another news story that was very interesting news that came out of Jacksonville. Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer came out and said that Travis Etienne would take all of his thoughts at receiver during rookie minicamp. And this was a big surprise to some people because Travis Etienne is a running back people at huh weird. The Jaguars drafted him in the first round of the NFL draft 25th overall at a cleansing. He was teammates with Trevor Lawrence in college. It is worth noting that if you look at the last two years 2020 and 2019 and combined them. He's had a thousand yards receiving like he's a good receiving running back, but a lot of people heard the news like you're not ripping Travis Etienne running back and went what's going on? Like this is a weird move and you know a lot of people said this is an interesting one I read this. People said if they wanted a receiver, They should have drafted one. Like there were other receivers available in the first round, they took a running back. Why isn't the running back playing running back? And so Urban Meyer responded, he came out and said that worst case scenario. You have a running back. That's Elite with receiver skills and that makes a lot of sense to me. But I gotta say I love the move. I think a lot of people don't understand Urban Meyer, don't understand the game and don't understand the situation in Jacksonville Jaguars already have a good running back. They have James Robinson, he had a breakout rookie year last year in 2020 and when they drafted me and I kind of looked at that and went, huh? They don't need a running back, like why is this the right move? I I don't know. Now, what makes more sense to me. So if you look, I want to teach people a little bit about Urban Meyer. The Jaguars head coach, Urban Meyer has had multiple guys in his coaching career, who he moved all over the field and the backfield that receiver running back. Just moved him all over and utilized their skills off the.

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