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Thank you. I'm ready to take the next step. I'm ready for university. That will help me advance in my education and career university. That will make me feel supported and connecting ready for ODU online. Click the set or go to online dot EDU today having industry with its innovative subscription plans. The upstart company Harry's is being absorbed by one of the major players under the one point three seven billion dollar agreement announced Thursday investors in Harry's Inc. Will take a stake of about eleven percent of Edgewood personal care company, which manages Schick and other brands edge. Well, gets the Harry's brand and access to the company's prize direct to consumer marketing base. Harry's now steps up to the global stage, and it'll be marketed through Edgewood enormous distribution channels. Harry's founders Andy Katz Mayfield, and Jeff Reiter will become co presidents of edgewise US operations when the deal closes probably in early twenty twenty a text messaging service to help people experiencing mental health problems is being supported by princes, William and Harry. And that wife's Caitlyn Megan. The Royal fan Dacian will provide a three million pound grunt to back the initiative cooled shout. We said on Friday. The service is free to use anonymous an operator twenty four hours a day seven days a week with text compensation's handled by volunteers who perceived online training in a moment to buy clinical team. Williams says sixty thousand people have already received help from the service. Eighteen radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. Robert Muller won't go before a house committee next week House Judiciary committee, chairman Jerrold.

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