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Right now in the Republican Party, if you're not a fan in the cult of Donald Trump, you're not welcome. And they will. They will tell you that you don't feel welcome. Oh, no, no, no, no. As a matter of fact, when we sit out there with our signs, One of the things we hear the most often is go home. And we're trying to figure out since we're at the end of our own driveway where home is supposed to be Arizona State Public affairs professor Dr Tom Riley says Independence have turned this formerly bright red state purple and could help push it blew this time around. As a third of the state's electorate. Independents are trending towards Biden by a whopping 25 points in the latest New York Times, CNN poll. 53 to 28 Overseeing is general frustration to the divisiveness that is occurring in Washington and across United States and people are searching for a different way. That's especially noticeable among Latino voters. They're just taking it for granted and thinking, Okay, well, they're Latinos, and they're going to go ahead and lean Democrat That's not the case. Caroline Van Houston doesn't like how the Latino voters have traditionally been taken for granted. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She came to the U. S during her college years. She voted for Obama in overweight and has ping Pong between parties ever since. Despite being disappointed in a lack of focus on the issues she will vote for biting. A lot of the Democratic Party has been Neglecting to really addresses that issue of immigration and they're really up for grabs, and they're having a hard time making a decision on which way to go because no one is addressing the issues that matter to them. Most Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, has by far the largest voting population in the state. The county went for Trump by three points in 2016 people those through on what he says Barbie Ruin also voted for Gary Johnson 2016 but now likes what she's seen from President Trump, since Corona virus has come out our economy and stayed Fairly stable and that MIA's is astonishing, especially considering the number of people who are Out of jobs because they can't go in. He's allowing the states to make the decisions for themselves, Which is what it should be The one thing we found all the voters we talked to here want Turn down the temperature a little bit. I pray to get back to a country where we can have conversations where we don't agree on every issue, and we can still be friends and I know that sounds where they're cliche, But that's really my deepest prayer for this week on Alex Percy and Carefree Arizona Yourmoney at 20 and 50 past the hour on Comeau News. Now it's time for the propel insurance Money Update. The region's biggest biotechnology company, has a new name. Seattle Genetics, which is actually in bottle announced via regulatory filing the other day that it has changed its name to see Jen. The biotech company, which has about 600 employees, says it decided on the name change because it has begun to expand its presence beyond the Pacific Northwest. Big week is ahead for shoppers, and that has scammers trying new attempts to steal your identity with both Amazon Prime Day and Target Deal Day fast approaching, the better Business bureau says Con artists claiming to be with Amazon are calling people and saying they need information about their accounts to help with a failed credit card payment or other issue. Then they seek to have you verify your personal information. Don't fall for it. That's your money now. I'm Jim Chess, Coco Mon. Welcome back to the LG Tone Free Wireless earbuds podcast. Today's guest is the notorious wireless pairing issues. Some say poor connection ruins listening experiences. What do you say that? I'm sorry. What is that Fax? You're cutting out? I.

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