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And so we'll scrolling through twitter instagram facebook concern very interesting isn't it essentially saying is that as a species to survive we need socialize and drivers made a successful and it does a lot actually just like what people laugh but some people need to see people outraged and explains trolls as well as gate intake and another aspect of it being eve lucien is that even lucians very lazy isn't it like us which is why we embrace it theory nothing to do with it being correct or anything but the phones make easy to be social and see reactions than they naturally take it yeah species so it could be that all it could just be for the goes yeah we do need the schools i mean having a little box in the end it gives you the schools we maybe want them that does it for me yeah onto social media talk phones and social media onto social media this bit where we just still bits of the incident and my favorite bits really easy agency what's up i steve nicol steve nichols diet oh this is great yeah did you see nichols the football player familiar with steve nicol scotland revealed diet is pre matchday diet the day for match day hey would have at noon sausage amash none of none us of us has something to breakfast russell if it was me they have extra butter noon eat up sausage mash to thirty two bags of crisps and the kind of cope.

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