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Are you ready to have a little competition okay. Usually like i'm the judge but you're in on it because we're going to put our halloween cake decorating skills to the test. Everyone's got some icing scoring goals. All the eyeballs. Yes so we're going to see who gets the most creative here. We're gonna start decorating. We gotta talk. Because i feel like you're the mom who goes all out for halloween. You halloween is huge. The housley household. My kids just told me this morning what they want to be. Sometimes they change their mind closer to the date for right now. They want to be skeletons. I'm like really do something. Olympic lifting and positive like fairies or something. Let them be scout. Today's show many weeks until thirty right. So we're going to be skeletons. How many years did you get like the opportunity to say okay. This is what we're actually going to do this. And you know. I have to say that lasted until they were maybe three and then after that you know they they start to become really creative and you don't want to stifle that yeah as a parent. No believe me i tried. I tried to steer them in the right direction so that we can all be on the same chord but this is the first year in a while we will be you know. We're going to be all scouts post. What are you making over there. what are you doing. Should've make a face and put a mouth on it because okay. I'm gonna make a mummy wanted this green hair okay. We know you say super-busy you're gassing baker's dozen abilio cysts the former show so did you get any t any i mean. Obama brock loves say apple pie of course and he worked for the bushes as well and he said bush loved all desert so.

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