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I'll tell you it's going to have to try and and sell the club to them if that's the case but even when offs nowhere in the poem another clubs in the primarily when the boss alone us come call and is is how to stop a player from wanting to go to that club. Never Mind when your club is having the problems that it's having like Asahara notes even more difficult so I get the feeling island of Barcelona want to make this happen is going to be a struggle for personal and it's been pointed out. He has his former Bercy. Dortmund teammates already at Barcelona in TD. uh-huh Bella Yeah I listen I wanNA talk to them. That is all things can be bananas area. But if you're young you quite clearly the best player on their books I've always said that. Measure Z will continue to be their causes them a problem in terms of offering you contracts. So if you if you are asking for a new contract you want to be on methodism money. I'm not sure that also can can afford that at the same time and amazingly we are talking about as-as best player contract running out yet again. I mean how many times have we been seeing this over the last five or six years. Alexis scientists residues. You'll I mean even before that vampish leaving it amazes me. Hope poorly also running their business even shoe whether it's eighteen months old twenty eight months as Craig rightly pointed sewed. When Boston or comes calling as a player you listen? Meanwhile Gills a lot of interest in the Uruguayan Strike Edison Cavani. It appears as though he's leaning towards Athletic Madrid rather than a move to the premier league. Yes we should surprise that the premier league. He's no no interest interesting to him is because he has is is very mercer. Its own on a move. He wants to work with you. Go Simoni Humidity Mooney Alexia Milanez try to sign him for the last three or four years and not everything is agreed between Kanye medical. Madrid's he's not going to let doc go to try and start again go shading with much to the united again. No offense to those premier league clubs but right now you only wants to go to spend and only wants to go to Madrid great peers. You Open the door on Sunday. I expect this one to go through faculty co author which was news. I think between fifteen and twenty and he's gone not surprised I'm not surprised by the Premier League is not the bill bill and Endo for some of these players. Some people may think as but as an athletic from these Spanish speaker. It's it's very easy for Cavani yet. United and Chelsea fans.

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