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For all plan members in any example plan designed but members on high deductible plans could see a greater impact i know some of you are like like when i go to mexico the medicines cheaper if i go to europe the medicine cheaper it is the medicine is cheaper you're right it's more of a lot of supply demand although the pharmacies are gonna be more expensive for the tourists i did i go into the farms in look like how much is your cipro you're at about a come into this summit to this employed or they creek up the prices sell high deductible plans are increasingly offered by more and more players will thank you for that the push towards high deductible plans was hit nearly they say has hit nearly twenty five million american workers thanks to obamacare can i just say as cost shifting a us employer escalates that's the court to announce his left small by the robert wood johnson foundation we'll yeah if employers have to buy your insurance i had the while the care so stupid add and i i know we rip on obamacare level the show what's because it makes you feel better but um that's it's ridiculous hold on sandwiches lost an airing sorry about that oh i just lost my airing why don't lose when hearing mom man allows the urng backing none of a deal anyway on okay i got to fix my ears uh the reason why we rip on obamacare so much is because it's it's crappy bill but when you mandate insurers or employers to buy insurance right for their employees and the insurance has have a certain amount of requirements and an insurance company goes look all the requirements will be there these are your options option a b and c a has low to doctoral higher premiums c has a very high deductible below premiums or so it'll the sea will be cheaper for me as an a player yeah does it handle everthing obamacare wants yeah okay they'll get that one that's what everybody's deductible has been going up and you know the site deductible that basically means you're not getting health insurance coverage until you pay that amount might deductible.

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