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Played out play it by your but at st jude's not go in their wrong and strong at that had on your head and take it from me all right let's hear from our good friends pete from texas paul it's beaten leander tech they're just wondering who would win in a coma day frank dukes play by john claude van damme or bruce leroy played by thai market bank be this is a a real sophie's choice the question you asked me here i have to say that is good is frank dukes is in blood sport he doesn't have the glow lee green has the glow plus he's really fucking so he's keeping all that energy inside of then he's a focus machine scientists have sex with random those okay so i'm going to say the glow plus pure mental focus is going to help leroy green win in the coup with date i gotta just say it i think that's from deaths is gonna win here's a little interesting fact i had a crash can i just running carried that i had quite mike my online m p e grant frank rewrite a mirage drag act amd key notch high about sharing act act pena back you bring perry thank you bam drops that enron's rebecca beko like here's here's ages there's no more no less he took ucb glasses i am alumni he c be one of the first people who took classes there with along with jason uneven june and now.

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