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Welcome to gen z. Hoops today would join our central division. Expert logan knock traub Breakdown the past week of nba action. For the bucks bulls cavs pacers and pistons logan. Last week you mentioned how the bucks looking more like themselves. Over the past few weeks they continued to perform. Well yeah the bucks finished this week with a four one record and were just two points. Shy of perfect five. Oh record after losing to the sons one twenty five to one twenty four on wednesday night brin forbes had an impressive performance off the bench for the bucks on saturday night after dropping. Eighteen points on just six shots which were all from three in. He did not miss a single one so six for six from three and he only played eighteen minutes. This is the type of benchtop that will give the bucks a in the postseason. They need to be confident because there are a great team with a plethora of great players in addition to that great performance. Chris middleton also posted a career high twelve assists on monday night and had an year. Triple double with twenty nine points. Eight rebounds and twelve assists lapsley. Yarmuth had a crazy gain in their loss to the sons with a season. High forty seven points interesting stuff over there with the bugs and then the bulls capped off their week with a bang nights ago. How has this week been for them. The bulls finished this week with a two and two record like you mentioned the bulls had a tremendous last night with levin scoring a season high forty six. in addition that being hit nine threes. All koby white finished with eight. This makes them the first pair of teammates ever to hit eight threes in a game. Each in addition the bulls twenty five total threes marks a new franchise record next up. Patrick williams he is going to be my main talk. Kim pointing innoc- became the youngest player in franchise history to score twenty points in a game. He was nineteen years and one hundred sixty three days old on friday night when he finished with exactly twenty against the magic. The pacers didn't look that good this week log in. And do you see any hope for a turnaround. Yeah john the pacers posted in owen. Three record this week poor shooting combined with the whole the depot left is clearly affecting this otherwise sound team despite the pacers lack of depth. I i do think that they have a couple of solid guys off the bench one. Such guy is tj mcconnell. I bring mcconnell up because he had a stellar week. But maybe you wouldn't guess it just based off the box score on friday. He had fifteen assists off the bench. His forty one points assisted on an eleven threes assisted on that game are each the most by a player off the bench in the last twenty. Five seasons mcconnell is is a pretty obscure player. But i am telling you now. Put him on your radar. This dude is averaging six point seven assists off the bench for the pacers in that. Six point seven is good enough for eleventh in the entire league so they can get some of those bench guys going and hopefully as the birds return will kind of help them spark something in in really get back into that play. Opposition we from the pistons. They made a couple of headlines this weekend. What what's going on there. Yeah the most notable headline for the pistons this week was the derek rose trade. They shipped him back to new york for dennis smith. Junior and a twenty twenty one second round draft pick the charlotte hornets while this may not be the return that many pistons fans had been hoping for. I'm intrigued by their decision to accept that package. What i've read. I've gotten a sense that the pistons do. This is a reclamation project similar to josh jackson. If you can recall. Dennis smith junior came out of. Nc state with a highly touted. Forty inch vertical. Jump he was a promising young player to the extent that he was a key. Piece in bringing kristaps porzingis to the maps on. He may not look like an appealing package right now. This is a young player. Who's absolutely brimming with potential. I used to be a big fan of his when he first came into the league. And i really hope he can recover some of that dazzle he used to have. It was a fun guy to watch for sure. Lastly in terms of their game play this week the pistons managed a one two record with a surprising win over the nets. Finally wrapping things up. What's been sitting out in cleveland. So far yeah. Cleveland had a rough week. They finished four with a tough schedule. Including milwaukee twice. Phoenix and denver darius garland ditty clips a noteworthy milestone on monday night becoming the fourth youngest cavs player to reach one thousand points. I wasn't able to find the three players above him. But i think we all have a good idea of who's up there. I know for a fact that lebron is above. Him and i would also guess cairo as well. So i'll fourth may not seem that incredible. At first glance you got to take into account some of the guys that he has his competition for a position like that so that definitely puts them up with some big names. Darius garland has also been the biggest guy for the cavs recently. I'm going to keep this conversation on him. Because of that in his last eight games he's averaged around eighteen and a half points per game around five and a half assists per game and keep in mind just turned twenty one. This is a guy with a bright future. So keep your eyes on..

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