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And then you have to pay him how much then you have to pay him his weekly wage. We know. Yeah. And you don't know what the we? So the number in Van Dyke V A N space D Y K E wage, and I think he's probably a maybe he's less than two hundred weekly salary. Yeah. It's funny because everyone talks about the big figure the buyout figure. But they don't really know about the contract amount. In an American sports is like the opposite. Everyone knows about the contract. You don't know. There's no you want to know how rich your favorite player is. Yes. So seventy five million pound figure makes Van Dyke. The most expensive defender of all time Liverpool as a digitally handed Van Dyke. A handsome hundred eighty thousand pound or two hundred fifty thousand per week salary quarter million a week. Yeah. That's cool. And then also whatever he would have also had to have paid him a signing fee. In addition. Yeah, it's fifty K a week is that the season or the whole year that will just be. Yeah. That's his white his. Yeah. Does he get away JR. Playing in the championship too. I believe it's interesting film inclusive. Yeah. Your money doesn't go up like you. All right. So you're playing one game a week. Don't get. I'm sure bonuses. And she'll bonus. And he'll be on on just hate for him to struggle for anything. Sure. To make sure that he's getting offseason. But yes, but this is well like. He if he keeps it clean sheet. Which is you know, they know one we don't see goal throughout the game. I'm sure he gets a bonus. Maybe ten grand that that's a clean. Do. You have a favorite player currently. Yes. Virgil Van Dyke. So since he's come in so live. We live was. Thusly? We have probably the best manager. Most charismatic all you'll have made. Club and Herman Germany yet. He's from the from the bundy's leak, and he came in three years ago 'cause in struggling and what he's done to that squad without doing the man's away of spending half a billion or whatever he's just got playing probably the most interesting attacking football right now. I'm getting Gregg Popovich vibes from him if he's the Spurs basketball. Okay. They don't have the best team. But like they never missed the playoffs. Because pop is like the king. He's like the most intelligent strategy. I get the most out of his players. We've got a few like we're not they're not he's up there. With like I'd say right now, he's Parine the top three in the manages in the EPL pep Guardiola who's Manchester City's manager Pacino whose Tottenham's manager. And he's all manager. They're probably the three best all has the mice on the, and that's cool. He just love him. What is what are Liverpool's colors way? Read read straight up Wrightwood, just read. Yeah. Every other sport in the world is to colors, right? Well, the Red Sox read their red and blue we also red and white okay, arsenal and Manchester United red and black of who. Red black and white and red is straight of little straight always shorts in the shot. Will have a song. We do have a song very famous song. It's it's you'll never will align by Gerry, and the pacemakers Sar you just took another real famous and made it your song or they wrote it for Liverpool. We took a famous. Yeah. It was believe it was the most famous livable manager ever who took them from nothing team to like a toe top side way back when Bill Shankly he's the most revered manager of clubs history. I guess he's the Vince Lombardi of the pack is got it. Coach of all time. His favorite song was you'll never will collide. And that became the teams on them. What about like a chance or cheer? There's a few we go we got one from most Sala. Like when he scores when he gets just during the game and just like bricks outs always to. Yeah. And it will always be to culture song. So. Okay. Mosala one is the same theme that some said on oh said on oh, sit down sit on X to me that song shore. You had. Sit down next to me. So the most sung is most seller. Most most solo running down the weighing. Egyptian king. That's my solace who comes up with the songs..

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