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That's dollarshave dot com everybody. Tj envy angela. Yee charlene guy. We oughta breakfast club skins front page news where we start. Let's with a youtube now. What app is getting more watching. Time than youtube will according to a new report from app. Analytics firm app annie. They said that tick-tock overtook youtube in the united states. Average watch time. So tick-tock is still ahead and spend overall because of its two billion users compared to tic tac which has roughly seven hundred million. But when it comes to. Us average watch time to talk. More people are watching that god. I'm not in that number. I am not talking of the ticks. i don't have one. don't go over there. Don't even know all over there. I right now. Texas governor greg. Abbott has signed into law a bill. That bans twenty four hour and drive thru voting and he also has new hurdles on mail in ballots. Any also has empowered partisan poll watchers. Here's what he had to say. I'd be astonished if a law like this was not challenged in court. I feel extremely confident. It will be upheld and a quarter of law because exactly what we've said it does make it easier for people to be able to go vote. No one who is eligible to vote will be denied the opportunity to vote it does however make it harder for cheaters to cast an illegal ballot humidity. Collards not cheaters. And this is definitely going to restrict voting act test for marginalized voters particularly people of color and people with disabilities. Because what they're saying now is last year they offer dragged through voting twenty four hour early voting in particular harris county where houston is but now the bill restricts. The hours accounts can offer early voting to between six. Am and ten pm and prohibits things like What was used in harris county when garage at the toyota center. Which is where the houston rockets play was among the venues. That residents could use to vote from their vehicles. It also blacks counties from sending unsolicited mail and voting applications even to who are over the age of sixty five and therefore and therefore order automatically qualified vote by mail at places new rules around in boating and it also gives more protection for partisan poll-watchers and sets new limits on those who helped voters including people with disabilities cast their ballots only know the voter suppression law signed right in our faces and when you got the white supremacy court upholding voting restrictions in arizona. You have to know the tone has been set. It is above us now. Those republicans are so against the double include boss. Republicans for not being cowards. Like getting the democrats have tried every political strategy. Courage at some point you have to stand up to the bully all right. And the republican harris timely harrison joe biden took to twitter. Communists voting lines texas signed by governor. Abbott is one of the most restrictive in the nation. The bill limits the absence that enabled a historic number of texans especially citizens of color devote safely in our last election. Now biden said. We're facing an all out assault on our democracy. We need to pass the for the people act. And the john lewis voting rights advancement act to protect the sacred rights to vote. I urged congress to send them to my desk immediately. Tweeted should've went to talk. More or less. You want the same people who are clearly four voter suppression to agree with you to vote for the forty people like john. Lewis voting rights of bill. Wow okay we'll see also in texas governor. Abbott is defending his new abortion law. And he's also said that he will eliminate some. How are rapist now. This law does fan abortion as we talked about his earliest six weeks into a pregnancy. Even if a woman has been raped or incest has been committed. And here's what he had to say about Forcing victims of rape to give birth. Why force a rape or incest victim to carry a pregnancy to term It doesn't require that at all. It provides at least six weeks for a person to be able to get an abortion that said however let's make something very clear rape is a crime and texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets texas by aggressively going out and arresting and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets. Okay you should do that anyway. But yeah good luck and that is your front page news right all right texas. I think to say that was confusing. Came off on all right. Well when we come back the biggest boss rosaiah will be joining us. Rick ross abi here. He has a new book. We're going to chop it up with recruits when we come back. So don't move is to breakfast morning. The breakfast club. Nobody steed is tj. Envy angela ye. Charlemagne i ga. We oughta breakfast club. We special guests in the building. Rick ross was then family was that what about those times rolls. What about those five. What about those history with us. We created a debt. Would just idea. During the pandemic we realized it was chicken wings. Shortage one time for charlie morrison and all would seem wingstop. Man just may history and it look. It's looking like we finicky going. Because it's women be everybody on that any other chicken pot come in yet still shortage now. We still focusing on swings starts. Now listen you have this new book at the perfect data bus at yes. Indeed ross the introduction to the book is the fungus was among a are you staying fungus. Free i'm trying to stay fungus free and the reason the answer to the book was the was among us was because i was just coming down off a cold i was just coming down off. The fungus dan in my my case fund is was vicious. Really how bad was it. Oh man that was the first time. I j your heart in two weeks i had. Hey you know they said that's one of the long term effects cova now. Don't tell me that no go..

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