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I totally know this. Tell me. So pissed, impossible burgers. Oh, yes. But that should have been mine. Should have been mine. They're so good. They took it. They're so good and it's like my thing. Glow bringing delicious, healthy, delicious, healthy, like I wanted you for my line to never sacrifice anything for beauty or for this is what the impossible burger is and I'm sorry to say beyond burger impossible wins. It really is like a real burger. That was my whole thing. You shouldn't even notice, you know, that this product is, oh, by the way, really good for you. It's just a beautiful product that works. It feels good. It looks good. Makes me feel and look good. Do you love it? Plant based? Are you a plant based diet or are you just mostly? I eat some 8 fish as well. Yeah. That just makes it easy. It cooks like it too. You can just beat juice that looks like blood. I'm so pissed and I wish I wasn't investor. If you're listening to this and you're know how I can become investor and impossible burger I will invest. Yeah, I think the round one on that probably has been called me. I've heard it was in a Hollywood too. I'm like, God, darn it. There's gonna be another revolution like that. Just keep your ears open. All right, last question. What do you need to get your beauty sleep? I can sleep. I go to sleep. Easy. I have no sleep issues. It's just about making sure I have like 8 hours. Okay, so you need an uninterrupted time period. Yeah, got it. And you're lucky. I know. But I'm not in a very good person when I don't have enough sleep, so. Okay, so give Josie her 8 hours. She'll be able to get after she eats her impossible burger. This was super fun. I'm really, really impressed that you went the route of getting a monograph on that new product. So congrats on that. I'm excited to see what else comes. From your line, thanks for coming on the show. Thank you so much. I feel like there's so much to share, but okay, thank you for having me. How are you doing today? Nope. Okay. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much..

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