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Four zero eight seventy. We start this morning where we've started a lot lately with the situation. Area hospitals are facing as the cova delta variants spreads across the region as arab shared in our newscast hospitals continue to see sharp increases in patients among them. The hospitals will talk about next baylor. Saint luke's and lyndon johnson hospital which you'll recall has been contending with both those increases in patients and nursing shortages. Lbj has a full icu. And is brought back overflow tents outside to use his needed patricia. Darn our is an executive vice president and administrator at lbj which is a part of the harris health system and elizabeth. Young blood is the chief operating officer at baylor. Saint luke's health texas division and the president of baylor saint luke's medical center here in houston. Good morning to you both good morning. Patricia darn our. Let me start with you. What can you share with us in terms of numbers as of this morning at lbj hospital. How many of those icu. Patients for example have covert sure. We'll currently Every single isolation. icu. Bed we have and seventy eight percent of our icu. Beds and total filled with kovic positive patient. So that's a continued increase Even though the hospitals overall rate of beds occupied by cova is about thirty five percent which is still a very significant. Can you share any other general information about those patients. How many generally are vaccinated relative aids so forth. We have seen the age down Recently we've had plenty of patients inter. Icu said if only been young forties which is a change from prior surges. That we experienced that lbj. Young blood is saint luke's experiencing similar conditions in its icu. We are We have a very large number of icu. Beds what's been different. This time around is we've had a lot of demand for not just co bid patients but noncovic patients as well so our hospitals are very busy right now trying to accommodate the demand again for even patients who don't have co bid that he was very sick and that is a taxing issues to. What do you attribute this increase in. Non covered patients seeking care at a rate. That's a little more than usual. Well we started to see an increase in non kevin patient usage of all the hospitals in the area before this fourth third started. It's really hard to say. Why likely part of it may be because patients have in some. Instances postponed care But i'm sure there are a number of other actresses well that are impacting. This and can you share any other details about Those that are in your icu. Who have covert in terms of their age whether or not they're vaccinated that sort of thing. We're seeing very similar things that Lbj seen so. We have a younger population that we're seeing that are being hospitalized and the vast majority of those individuals are not vaccinated. Elizabeth current trends continue. We could see the pandemics highest ever numbers of hospitalizations in icu patients. Really in a matter of days..

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