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It like you then Were you working like? Home Territories A. Horror. That's why I was trained at. Mike. reckless shoot for day. Chris Hero. Who made him do not get along? Okay. But he was one of the trainers and then Claudio came in. Well, he wasn't training me but he was here pretty pretty good roster. Guys here. From there. Yeah. Was Or is or whatever it is is is it kind of? Lucia and Japanese influence like Mitchell coop pro. Okay. At least goofy at times. Yes. Goofy at times and then here I come. Just serious. No mask this beating people up one. Quack likes to put things in comics. The way he explained me to truecar world was I was the punisher. Everyone. Else's the mask and all this here I am coming in just trying to kick somebody's ass guest show I'll take it. You know again, a lot of things I just take 'cause I just want to Russell and making my own right and then that's it you like it or you don't like what is your character like that we're seeing now in he w pretty much the character you've had your. Eddie Kingston is me at seventeen, turn them thousand notches. That's and those are the best characters makes I heard from two guys who you beat get that over two guys you beat Rock and Austin same night by the way. I got you. I got you. I'm going to do that for you. Steve Is Still. Hang your hat on that bullshit and I would look Stephen go I would. Be someone books to and everything off just of that. But shirts every that's a good idea should do you go? You'RE WELCOME Catch. Ten not still haven't cut me in on their. Ten percent boys anyway. Yeah I saw an interview with C. Austin Rock and they said Oh. Yeah. This this is just me turned up and I that always stuck with me and that's okay. Well, the guy like Steve Austin who made. Unbelievable Boo amount of money and save the company. I was like, okay. So I'm going to do that. That's the way I looked at it and like so. Yeah Eddie Kingston. The Me Eddie Kingston is me at seventeen thousand notches. That's at seventeen I was you know I'll do? Again in trouble and being sneaky mouthy mouth leave fighting every. Five minutes I could you know I was angry grownup. References you kind of help them get in the business or no? No. I've met. They got into the business by someone they probably don't want me to mention. So I won't would you review took? We not know you I've met them to the years and New York guys. New. Yorkers stick together to with thing we can just do and homicide who was a mentor for all of New York. He's my mentor and then became mentors to those two and because of that. Okay your family. Just helped them, and then we went to my second run and impact. Where was old lax me homicide Hernandez against new lax Ortiz, Santana and CONAN. And not just help them talk to them. You know what I mean just. Eddie what do you think about this or you know that that was in the we stayed friends you know and they would hit me. Hit me up about their W matches. What did you think I didn't watch. But then ten minutes later our all right guys this is what I saw. They like when I always said no but that's good though, yeah, I'm not GonNa lie to them I'm not GonNa sit there and go. That matches great when people don't need to hear what they want to hear. They need what they need here, and that's what I've also noticed a lot of younger guys. They'll ask you like about the matches something. Did. You see this? No, I don't. Care about this sucks. This sucks improved on this and. They WanNa hear how good they did. Did you ever? Go to Mexico through cone animal. No I went to Mexico maybe my second year imagine some little crappy Indian. Thirty dollars I think maybe maybe maybe. So No. Yeah. Not Been Mexico Germany. France the UK like Canada all that stuff. So you mentioned you were you there for extended period of time yeah. I was there for three months tour starting in January. So tell us really just before for the pandemic. So when did you get home from that? The day. said that they weren't letting nobody back in like March march something like eight, nine something. Let's talk about this is very interesting to me. So you go over to England. Obviously, you've been around the world and you go there January. This is one there was just this little rumblings of it was the whatever disease they said it was like it was not coming to and SARS two or whatever. So so so you went there before we get into that. So you go to England for three months and how does that work? Do you have a house or you just live? Staying in the house in Wolverhampton. Boy Baz in. My little cupcake I call him my little homegirl Charlie Evans. And Yeah just do wrestling every day almost every day. Every day was great. It's what I wanted to. Meet up with a couple of People Ryan. The car you. Guys like got Chris Brooks and Kyle Fletcher and. Guys like I'm putting you guys over. They'll find you to it. I don't know your hands I don't pay attention. You know how did you find the English style in comparison to oh I loved it I. Loved it. They got me. They got what I was doing every time. I. Go in the ring I try to fight let's whether you WANNA. Go wrestling hold for hope that's fine. But I'm still GONNA fight. If you WANNA brawl even easier even better hi fly that's on you..

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