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Funding Bill that would head off a partial government shutdown. He's headed to the house after passage by the Senate one quarter of the government runs out of money at the end of the week the bail would extend funding until February eight the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again yesterday. The fed board is looking at many factors, including existing home sales which climbed again last month existing home sales edged upward by nearly two percent. In November marking the second straight month of increases. But the bump wasn't enough to boost annual sales figures tumbled seven percent. Compared to the same time last year, Kathy Fettke co-ceo of real wealth network says homes that sold were priced, right? Anything in the first home price range or in the affordable? Price range is selling. But anything that hits above that affordability range is really slowing down to buyers market on the high end home prices in western states increased. But with interest rates also on the rise. Fettke says the slowdown may continue in the new year. Michelle Franzen ABC news house speaker Paul Ryan gave his farewell address in Washington as Democrats prepare to take control of the house. Paul Ryan reluctantly took the house speaker job after John bainer called it quits three years ago. Here's to the people here's to the people's house. Ryan thanking colleagues for passing what he says her landmark bills, including tax and regulation cuts and increased defense spending. Just as remarkable as what we have achieved is what we had the capacity to do still Andy Field ABC news, Washington. The parent company of Marlboro as looking to purchase a stake in the company. Jewel. The move could cause some controversy for jewel though, as it's branding revolves around helping more Americans quit smoking through vaping. The federal government could take back control of sports gambling in in America. Several states have begun offering sports and many others are expected to take up the issue as a way to generate millions of dollars in revenue. A new federal Bill though introduced yesterday would have the US Justice department set minimum standards for all states to offer sports betting radio. Six hundred ten WTVN sports. The Columbus blue jackets cap off a six game homestand tonight. Versus New Jersey's CJ take on the devils at seven jackets two and three in their last five games at nationwide arena. They shut out the Golden Knights one. Nothing on Monday night in college football. The Ohio bobcats beat San Diego State twenty seven nothing in the Frisco bowl. Three total touchdowns for Bob cats quarterback Nathan Rourke yesterday marked the start of the three-day early national signing period. In college football you receive fifteen letters of intent from players in. In the class of two thousand nineteen that includes defensive lineman. Zach Harrison considered the top prospect from the state of Ohio in the NBA. The Cavaliers fall to the Hornets one ten ninety nine in Charlotte and the Houston Rockets Senate NBA record for most threes made in a single game. More sports headlines in thirty five minutes. Eric researcher, NewsRadio six ten WTVN. I'm Alison Wyan. Stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour, thirty minutes.

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