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Program if you're just tuning in we're following senator jeff flake as he tries to do the most basic part of his job that is pass a law that we pay those guys for they seem to do it so rarely these days at the end of the first half of the show he loves senator flake and a happy optimistic mood he had an outline to a bipartisan daca deal in hand it addressed issues the white house laid out a few days before the president seemed open it said he'd sign anything plan going forward was this wednesday graham who'd been playing a lot of golf with president lately and talking about what good friends they are would sell the deal to the president and then we get the president to sell the deal of the american people which means at this point none of the senators are supposed to talk about the deal publicly not yet because they went donald trump to on this deal and sell it that's the only way the house of representatives and the republican base is going to go for the deal this brings us to act three wakes next at bat when the cats away the mouse he can run around zoe chase a week up the next morning to mass confusion somehow or other the strategy has gone off the rails i'm on the house side doing another interview but it's easy to track flake he seems to be going from reporter to reporter saying they have a deal i'm reading this on twitter eventually shows up on tv the fact that there is a deal came from senator jeff flake of arizona agreement that were the bipartisan group i'm talking about working that we're shopping among our colleagues now this was not the plant flick news his name on the deal could kill the deal for the president yeltsin flies to arizona's soon as he can on thursdays he's incredibly close with his wife cheryl the youngest of.

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