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I'm michael preston a man is in custody after shooting his mom inside there can't home yesterday the mom will make it almost patrick quinn says the son was arrested after a four hour standoff broken windows shattered glass what's left after a standoff between kim police and a man who hid inside his home police say he shot his mom in the head obviously this is not a normal incident when you have a domestic relationship where a son shoots had his mother bullet just grazed the moms hadn't sheets recovering in a nearby hospital the sun a man in his twenties with no criminal background was taken into custody with minor injuries meanwhile neighbors shaken to know that someone's kind of unstable with a gun he never wanna know it's like in your neighborhood bailey who lives just up the road picked her daughter up early from school horizons elementary school about a half mile away was put on a modified down it's uneasy because if someone has that mindset and they're so close to my home we worry about things like that we saw swat team provide extra support police you gas and loud flash bangs all part of the negotiations to safely arrest the shooter sitting on the megaphone come out this is the kim police department come out with your hands up finally the man came out in can patrick quinn komo news divide over the issue of the business head tax in seattle even has different unions disagreeing komo's michelle esteban says some called the proposal a job killer while others insists it's overdue a sea of hardhats marching with a message on city hall nineteen different building trade unions together to speak with one voice they don't think city council is listening to them they marched into city hall and chanted outside council chambers the insist the tax would kill jobs force big companies to leave seattle take their jobs with them amazon said they're gonna stop projects that's a real thing they've already give us up to that's probably going to happen and that will affect my membership but there is disagreement among the brotherhood of unions ten unions including three locals with the service.

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