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Going to wrap it up here because I know you go. I'm going to read the the final paragraph of your beautiful book even though it is debated in my mind it is relatively clear which of these two choices socrates rather his ventriloquist plato actually thought he believed death was the end of the story but this was not a source of anxiety for him and it didn't need to be for us either. It doesn't need to be for us either. It is instead a motivation to love this life as much as we can presume long as we can to enjoy it to. Its most as far as possible and to help others do the same if all if all of us do that we will live on after death not in a personal consciousness once our brains of die but in the lives of those. We have touched perfect beautiful ending. Congratulations on the book. Thank you for your important work. And I can't read the next book this going to be. Great Yeah your next book should be a movie you know. Because filmmakers love the apocalypse Olga thing before the pandemic I've always watched all these apocalyptic movies. And all these reading all of these apocalyptic novels. And then your right in the middle of one of these is when the pandemic is watching contagious. Something Yeah exactly you know. I just had a phone meeting with a couple of screenwriters working on a TV project. And I just flippantly asked. Is Anybody thinking about the corona virus? Oh scripts already written. We don't even know what's going to happen but it's it's scary enough we can write a good TV movie script for all right. Bart will thank you again for coming on the show and thanks for your work..

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