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You're listening to song. Explorer musicians take apart their songs and piece by piece. Tell the story of how they were made. My name is Rashid. You're way if you have proposed that to me before I started this process that Dan. I think you should make kind of hip hop influenced track. That's like a duet with an seventies soul singer out of being that's never gonNA work. Dense Nathan has been making records since two thousand one. He won Canada's. It is Polaris Music Prize in two thousand seven and this month. He's releasing the seven Caribou album suddenly in this episode. Dan Breaks down the song home. He talks about how he managed Haddish to get past several moments of creative uncertainty to figure out the final traffic. She's going home. She's this going. Maybe this is Dan snaith from Caribou you every day. I come down into my studio and make something. I kind of turn off the critical part of my brain. Thinks is this something it's GonNa be a Caribou track. Is this going to be something that goes on an album. I'm just having fun that every day. That's the process is to just enjoy that so that was very much the spirit in which I put this together other. I was browsing youtube when I first came across the sample. That's kind of core of this track. which is the track by Gloria? Barnes also called home home home and it's kind of a lost soul gem. I spend a lot of time in my life digging for records and dusty warehouse and flea markets and things now just as often. I'm looking for music on Youtube. And that's how I came across this track. I kind of miss that sense of stumbling across something when you're there in kind of backroom of a record could store or wherever you might find something but to be honest with you. The thing that I'm really interested in is the musical ideas and that's always just as thrilling no matter where you find.

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