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Welcome to the magic. Mountain site ship the long ship production of southgate media group. You can find us at w._w._w. W. w. dot south gay media group. Dot music is titled by kevin mcquillan of in cobb utech. Dot com broke free. As long as you give dude. This episode of magic monday is brought to you by tweak audio dot talk to you know podcast and totally awesome headphones thirty percent off and free shipping head over tweaked audio dot com and in the checkout box type south or you get there through arlington south media group dot com. This episode is also brought to you by both where you can find us at support us by typing in the search bar dog kevin launch. I'm sure oh right. It's that time of the week again time for the kevin long show and i'm your host. I kevin log oh man. There's so much to do today after i get this podcast done and posted. I've got to make an introduction for where i gotta make a new introduction for the kevin long show. I'm gonna make an introduction and record a little something something with my son for the show. This is coming out on friday. Does gonna come out every friday. It's gonna be awesome. Keep your heads up for that. I know that that i try not to promote stuff on this podcast. But have you been to t- publicly to check out what we have for magic monday. Get kit t shirt or a no book for your d._n._d. Notes or a coffee mug or whatever head over to the link in the show notes for public. Check it out now. Let's get to the good stuff today. We're looking at the king of age is on page two hundred forty seven of the encyclopedia magika but was originally found in the book of marvelous magic the x. p. value is none the g._p. Value is one thousand two hundred win. This kane is touched the creature moving it must make a saving versus death magic with a minus four penalty to the rule or else age twenty years. This effect occurs each time. The cane is touched. If the victim succeeds the saving throw however the kane may be held and used as a weapon any victims struck must make a saving throw versus death magic or aged ten years. Each tenure of aging uses one charge. Oh man i they have concept for new badge accuser that i'm working on hand. She would love this thing as long as she was able to. Make the save of course all right for me myself and die mahalo and have a great day again. Thank you for listening. Imagine you can find us at w. W. dr southgate media group. You can find duck have a long show on facebook. I just by searching more you can email us kevin long show at g. l. dot com.

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